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It was all a weight on me, it hurt. The bullying, my parents divorce, my boyfriend cheating on me. It hurt. The kids at school just started bullying me. They called me disgusting names that I wasn't.



'Go down a bottle of bleach'

'Jump off a cliff'

'I'm glad he cheated on you'

They even started texting me, and calling me off of random numbers. I tried to block all of them, I did, God knows I tried. But they didn't stop, they wouldn't!

So I decided, this is it. It's coming to an end. The perfect life I portray. God, my life isn't perfect, it never has been. It never will be.

I undressed and filled the tub with water. I slowly slipped into it, and turned on a music I had been fantasizing of dying to. Treasure, by Flyeaf.

"Tonight I'll become the most dazzling precious treasure. I'll be treasured over all the Earth." these words, they brought a smile to my face as I started carving. I carved Precious, and Treasure into my wrists before dropping the blade on the floor and laying my head back.

~Michael's POV~

My adrenaline is pumping. Shit, I just beat the fuck out of y/n's ex. He hurt her, I couldn't let that slide. But I had this bad feeling in my gut as I pulled into her driveway. I stepped into her house, her parents were at court. She's been through so much, and he has the balls to cheat on her? Fuck him!

"Y/N!" I yelled. "Y/N?" the feeling was getting worse as I neared the bathroom. I slowly opened the door, falling to my knees at the sight.

No, no, no. Please, let this be a dream. Oh God. Y/n, please God, let it be a dream. I crawled over to her lifeless body.

"Y/n?" I sniffled. She coughed and her eyes rolled around. "Shit, no y/n please." I dialed 911 and they were on their way.

"Sing, sing for me." she coughed. I nodded softly and started singing.

"Nobody seems to get you, you think you're on your own," I sniffled.

"Well listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone.

So baby don't cut, baby don't cut." I started sobbing.

"You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut.

I know your heart is hurting, you think the road has end," I heard the sirens.

"You may just feel the bade your holding is your only friend.

But baby don't cut, baby don't cut." I heard the door bust open. They rushed into the bathroom pushing me aside and lifting her onto the hospital bed. 

"You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut." I whispered into her ears as they wheeled her into the ambulance and drove off, leaving me in her blood and my tears.


My eyes were aching. I had been crying for, who knows how long.. Hours, years? I heard footsteps and I looked up to a doctor with a sour face.

"Excuse me for the words I am about to say. I'm sorry for your loss." No! Y/n it can't be true. No, no no no no! Shit, y/n! Why'd you have to leave me!?

I dropped to my knees. I couldn't even cry, the feeling was so unreal. She's gone, she's gone, it echoed throughout my mind. I'll never see her again, never ever again.


I stood atop my apartment building. 6 stories up, I need her, without her I'm nothing. She was my other half, shit, she IS my other half!

I stared down at the concrete, I exhaled and jumped off, and everything when black.

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