"I do." he smiled.

"Well then, you may kiss the bri--"

He didn't even let him finish the sentence, he just kissed me immediately. 

Everybody started clapping and cheering.

We pulled away and we just grinned like two stupid idiots.

"You're officially mine." he said, taking your hand in his.

"I'm officially yours." you whispered, kissing him again.

*later that evening*

You were all sitting at the tables, talking about how happy you both were and bringing back old memories you have with friends and family.

"And oh god, do you remember that crazy ex you had? What's his name again?" your friend asked.

"Matthew? Oh gosh yes, I remember him, he was a freaking psycho!" 

"I know right, I'm so happy he's locked up!" 

"Feel you girllll."

"Oh well." 


"Hey, who's that?"


"That girl who's dressed in black."

"Uhm, I would have absolutely no idea." 

"Then what is she doing here?"

"Wait, I'll be back in a sec." 

"Do I have to come with you?"

"No, it's okay."

I walked over to the girl and she just started walking away.

"Uhm, excuse me? Not to be rude but who are you?" I asked her.

She just kept walking and I got slightly annoyed with her so I picked up my pace.

"Girl, who the hell are you?" I asked again, when she walked into the hall. 

She walked a little bit further and suddenly stopped. 

"Finally, now tell me who you are."

She just slowly turned around and looked at me without saying a word.

She literally just stared at me. 

Creep much. 

"You know what? I'm not playing this game. I'm out of here." I said, turning around and starting to walk away.

"No, you're not." She said.

I just ignored her and kept walking.

"I said, you're not." she ran over to me and pulled me back by my hair.

"Let go!" 


"I don't know you, go away and leave me the hell alone!" I screamed, trying to run away.

"You're not going anywhere." 

"What are you gonna do, eh? Shoot me?"

"Oh my god! It's like you can read my mind!"

"Wh-what?" I asked, confused.

"This is for what you did to Matthew." 

She pulled the gun out and aimed it at me.

"N- no, please, no!"

"Karma really is a bitch, isn't she?" she grinned.



And her once so white dress, 

is now oh so bloodstained.

And now she's gone, 

without a reason,

so unexplained.

*one year later*

*his p.o.v*

"What are you doing?" my friend asked.


"For who?"


"Mate, she's go--" 

"No, she'll come back, she promised." 

"She won't.." 

"She promised."

"I know she did, and I'm terribly sorry.."

"Sorry won't bring her back."

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