you watched as Ashton's chest gently raised and fell, still in a stirring stage of sleep. You smiled to yourself as you gently got out of bed not wanting to wake your sleeping boyfriend as you began to creep out of the room. Ashton suddenly stirred, squinting his eyes as he familiarised himself until he saw you and a smile appeared on his face. He huskily groaned a 'no' and pulled the bed sheets back so you could could get in again with him, "Cuddle with me,"he said, smirking at you and you couldn't help but giggle as you found your way between his arms and the sheets once more. "I thought you were asleep,"you whispered, your faces inches apart as he began to wrap an arm around your waist and drawing you into his warmth. "I was but you woke me up and now you have to cuddle me,"Ashton chuckled, his voice still cloaked with huskiness as he had only woken up moments earlier. "I'm surprisingly okay with this punishment,"you laugh, closing your eyes as you placed your face into the crook of his neck leaving a feathery kiss. "That reminds me,"Ashton smirked before quickly pinning you down as you let out a squeal recognising what he was doing and before you knew it he was tickling you all over which he knew you hated. "Mercy, mercy!"you squealed as he laughed, now hovering over top of you as you linked your arms around the back of his neck. Ashton's natural curly hair fell gently over his face as he looked down at you with adoration as the sunlight seeped through the windows and illuminated his skin. "I love you, (Y/N)."Ashton says, tucking a strand of hair away from your eyes and you smirked. "You're not too bad yourself, Irwin!"you smiled and Ashton laughed as he began tickling you again until you told him that you loved him. Most people may think that your relationship was childish but to you it was perfect and there was nothing more you loved than waking up to see that beautiful boy right next to you.

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