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Happy birthday, baby.." You whisper as you lay a flower down in front of his grave. "I really miss you." You continue as you sit down on your knees, placing your baby girl on the ground so she can sit as well.

"Hi daddy." She says, placing her own little flower next to yours. "I picked it myself." She says, smiling proudly.

"Can't believe you're thirty two already, you old man." You giggle as a tear falls down your cheek. 
"Yeah, you old man." Your little one giggles, before turning her attention elsewhere. "Uncle Luke!" She exclaims before running over to him. 
"We'll give you some privacy." Luke says as he picks your daughter up and walking back to the cars.

"I hate this so much, Ash. You shouldn't be the one lying here, it should've been me. I shouldn't have let you go that night, but I did. I should've said no. I should've begged you to stay, but I didn't. I thought it was more important to get a stupid chicken, than to have you stay in on that stormy night. I'm so sorry, Ashton. I'm so terribly sorry. The whole world loved you, and I took you away. It's my fault, baby. I'm so, so sorry." You barely manage to say it all as your sobbing chokes back every word. You put your head in your hands, crying your heart out after eight years of being wihtout your husband. You had never cried like this before, not even when he died. You had to be strong for your little girl, you couldn't fall apart, but you have been strong for too long. You can't keep it in anymore.

"I love you so much, Ashton."

"I love you too, baby." He whispers, but you couldn't hear him.

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