You just work up, drag your self out of bed and down in to the kitchen, you pour your self a glass of orange juice and take a sip! A voice from behind you says, 'I herd you last night!' It's ashton! Making you jump you turn around and say 'mmm what?' You know what he means 100%! 

Sharply he says '(y/n) don't play dumb with me, you know what I mean! You was crying last night in your bed room, I herd you' 

Biting your nails you look down and a tears falls! Ashton lifts your face and says softly... 'I know your hurting, iv seem everything' 

'Everything?' you say in a quite shacking voice 

Ashton says 'yeah babe! I know everything! Iv seem your cuts, iv seen your scars! I can see your Getting skinner, I near you crying at night! I know your broken! 

You stand there and cry into your hand, ashton drags you in and cuddles you! Running his fingers trough your hair and says quietly 'I promise things will be okay' 

You here footsteps coming so you pull away and wipe all the tears and pick your drink up and act like nothing Happended! Calum walks in....

Morning he says in a lazy voice 

Ash pulls him into the room and there whispering together! 

They shout you in the room and Calum says '(y/n) we minke your broke, we know you need help, were here whenever you need us darling, trust us here' 

You can't take it! You bust into tears and start screaming 'I WANT HIM BACK' 'TAKE ME, NOT HIM' your uncontrollably crying now! You can barely speck! Ashton picks you off the floor and says over and over again 'calm down! Breath' 

Calum just stands in shock almost In tears himself 

Mikey comes Running down and says 'HEY HEY HEY, what the hell is going on?' 

You angrily push ash away and run into your room up stairs! 

Mikey, ashton and calum run after you

Locking your door and screaming 'go away' you start Pulling open all your draws in-till you come across it! 

The letter.......

You open the letter and read it over again for the 1000th time, it reads

Dear (y/n)

Morning baby! Hope you slept well.....

I love you and it's hard to stay this but I'm gone! There no point crying over me or blaming this on your self because it's not your fault and you couldn't have done anything about it! I was planning this months before I even met you and I hate a date and I'm gone! I'm sorry my baby! It was all too hard! The depression was all too much! Things seemed like they was never going to get better! I'm gone. 

Please be strong and please don't blame this on your self! 

I will always love you with all my heart and I'm happy now! I'm in a better place! 

So yeah, have a great day...

Lots of love ,LUCKEY POO!

Grabbing your head and screaming 'TAKE ME, TAKE ME WITH YOU LUKE' 

The boys are smashing on the door screaming let us in, 

And screaming your name! 

You know this is your time to go! 

You grab your pills and drink them all! You had all this planed for when the time comes 

You took your letter out of the draw and slid it under the door 

It read,

Dear boys

It was only a matter of time before I gave up

I was too week and nobody saw it! 

Too much pain

I missed Luke too much

So I joined him

Were both looking over you now and we love you

I'm sorry for this 

Boys be strong 

Don't blame yourselfs! 

We're happy now

Lots of love (y/n)

Your already gone

It's too late 

By the time they had read the letter your gone 

Mikey smashed the door down to find you there on the floor 

Your gone, your dead! 

Ashton runs out of the room screaming and crying! 

Calum calls 999 and Mikey just stands there pouring with tears starting at your lifeless body...

It's over, your gone 

Your happy, your free!

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