Luke's P.O.V.

"LUKE!" Daniel yelled while running towards me. "What buddy?" I asked kneeling down on him.

"Can you please put spongebob on?" We went to the living room and put spongebob on. 

My phone buzzed and it's Y/N, i tapped answer.

"Hey Y/N"

"Hey Luke, how's Daniel?"

"He's great."

Daniel is Y/N 4 year old brother. She's on her work on christmas eve. So she asked me if i could watch him while she's gone.

"I could be here for 1 more hour. It's only 8pm. I'll be there at 9. Is that okay?"


"You're such a good friend Luke" We're best friends since our childhood. I'm in love with her but i think she's not into me.

"Haha, be safe Y/N" her words hurts me. I can't stand it. I want more than friendship.

I hung up and sat down next to Daniel. 

"You really like spongebob don't you?" I asked. 

"You really like Y/N don't you?" My eyes went wide. 

"Come here bro! Let's set up some decorations before your sister comes home"

I carried him playfully.

I went to the attic to find some more decorations. I opened the box and saw a piece of paper. I opened it up and read it.

Dear Santa,

I really like y/n.. It's funny cause i'm 13 now and i still believe in you. It would be a perfect gift for me if you let y/n to like me back. I know i'm young but, i already knew what i feel.

I smiled and got down stairs. Daniel and i put some more christmas decorations outside the house.

When we already finished, Daniel told me he's sleepy. I put him in bed.

I heard a car outside the house. I went outside and saw Y/N. 

"Y/N" i called her.

"Where's Daniel?" She asked going near me

"He's a sleep. We just finished putting some more decorations here"

"You're such a good friend. How can i ever pay you back?" I looked down. She holds my cheek and gave me a kiss. She broke the kiss and smiled at me.

"You always knew what i want." I smiled at her and kiss her again. 

"You two look good under the mistletoe" Daniel said while his lips and pj's was covered with chocolate.

He ran toward us. "Hi5 Lukey!" Daniel yelled.

We all went inside to celebrate our first ever Christmas as an official couple.

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