You were Michaels best friend, you used to spent every day together, every time you guys had free you would be together, but he went on tour with the rest of the boys, you were happy because he went to live his dream and you two were still talking but, it wasn't the same... Without Michael being there you felt empty...

One day you came home from university and you got a text from your friend that you met at the uni, she was a really nice girl and you easily got along with

F/N:hey, wanna hang out?x


F/N: okay meet me at the park at 7:30!x

You reply with an okay, and go and have a quick shower and got ready, it was already 7:20 so you decide to go now. You got there and your friend was there, you two hugged and went for a walk.

F/N: 'go over there please!'She pointed at this tree, it was shinning so you went there. When you got there the tree was full of fairylights and there was a picnic, you turn around but she wasn't there! When you look back at the tree, Michael comes out from behind and said Hi, you were surprised as you thought he was still there! You ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

'Did you do all this?' You asked

'yes, well with a little help of (F/N)' he admitted it.

'wow it's so pretty'y you said as you looked around

'Just like you' you blushed at his comment 'Y/N... I was wondering... Will you...umm.. Will you...' He was nervous and you just held his hand to comfort him

'Will I what?' You have him a smile

'Will you be my girlfriend?' He finally asks! You were shocked. 

'Yes!! Of course I will!!' You said, and with that he kissed you passionately.

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