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You sit, watching Michael strum on his guitar, just playing around. You could do that for hours since he gets so concentrated and does these little things without thinking about it, like tap his foot, move his head slightly to the beat of the sound, open and close his mouth and so on. It was adorable. You smile, a sad kind of smile, thinking about how you two are only friends, and how your feelings for him has developed quite a bit in the past months. You sit there, fascinated about how his fingers move with ease, when suddenly he looks up and throws you a little smile, saying; "You know what?"

"What?" You ask, smiling sheepishly at the most adorable boy sitting across from you.

"You sit here, for hours, and listen to when I strum on the same song over and over again.." He starts and looks down at his feet before meeting your eyes again with an even bigger smile attached to his face. "If you've even noticed that, that is."

You stare into his eyes, searching for the true meaning of his words, but you're too mesmerized by his beauty to even focus.

"And I find it so cute that you don't understand that the song I always strum on, is meant for you." He rise to his feet, grabbing the guitar by the neck in his left hand. He starts walking, leaving you there with furrowed eyebrows as you try to remember the melody of the song.

"It's a clue." You hear him say before he disappears out of the room, leaving you in chaotic thoughts trying to remember the song.

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