Your ex boyfriend Luke has been away for a long time on tour. He said when he came back he'd make it a point to see you. But it's come to the point where you've lost hope about it. You hear rumors about a new girlfriend. You hear she's 10 times prettier than you. When Luke comes home you try calling, texting, facetiming, etc but you get no response. Your friends try to take you out on a hike to get your mind of things.

"There's a lot of things that i'd much rather do then hike up this fucking mountain." You complain.

"Y/N don't be a baby, you used to love hiking all the time. Plus we're almost at the top." Your friend assures.

When you reach the top you see Luke standing there with a sign that says "I'm sorry I didn't reply..." on it.

"Oh so you think just because you made me a sign i'm going to accept your apology?" You state.

"I just thought..."

"Ya know what Hemmings. Just shut up and give me a hug." You run over into his arms and you hug him hard.

"I'm sorry y/n my phone broke when Michael threw it in the toilet because i didn't order him pizza." he whispers.

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