You/Saskia De Merindol - Early Morning Part 2

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Summary: Continuation of part 1

Prompt by: UnnatiN

It's been a couple of weeks and you were slowly forgetting about Saskia. You actually didn't think it could be possible as you had been head over heels in love with her. It possibly had to do with the fact that now you were the one using someone else to forget about an unrequited love. Except you were much worse, you had actually asked her out to be your girlfriend. 

Saskia wasn't doing any better than you. After you had dumped her, she went out to find another person to fill the void but no matter what, she kept thinking about you while being with the others. It was a clear sign that she had fallen in love with you. No matter what she did, or how much she drank, Saskia's thoughts would always drift off to you and the times the two of you were together. She felt stupid for being so hung up over someone that was already engaged. She could have had everything with you. No longer wanting to feel sorry for herself, Saskia got dressed up and headed to your apartment to make things right. 

She had everything all worked out. Saskia prepared a speech and even bought your favorite flowers before making her way to your apartment. She felt silly for acting like this but she couldn't help herself. This had been the first time someone she had feelings for, liked her back.

Saskia knocked and patiently waited for you to open the door. However, she wasn't expecting another woman to open your apartment door.

"Can I help you?"

"I'm sorry, I think I might have gotten the apartment number wrong."

"Who are you looking for?"

"(Full name)"

The woman raised her eyebrow and subtly checked out Saskia.

"You have the right apartment."

Suddenly, you poked your head out to find Saskia.


"I'm sorry. This was a mistake I have to go."

She didn't even turn around as you called out her name, she just kept walking until she eventually stood in front of her car. After climbing in, she finally let out the tears she had been holding back. Saskia knew that she was too late. Her stupidity ruined any chance of her happiness.

Tossing the flowers out the window, she drove as fast as she could to her friends place. Saskia wasn't in love with Olivia anymore but she just needed someone to talk to about what had happened. 

You tried calling and texting her but she kept declining all of them until eventually she just turned off her phone. There was no way for you to know where she was so you couldn't even look for her. Your girlfriend kept questioning you about the random woman showing up at your front door but you couldn't even be bothered to explain. She eventually got tired of asking you and left to god knows where.

Saskia's friends decided to take her out to the bar to help Saskia forget this mystery woman. She had refused to give any details and simply kept mumbling how she had fucked up badly. At the bar, Saskia kept drinking one glass after another until eventually she got way too drunk that the bartended cut her off. Her friends decided it was time to head home and helped her out the bar until Saskia stopped.

"Guys! That's her. That's (y/n)'s girlfriend."

She frowned when she noticed her leaning in to kiss another woman. Saskia quickly pulled out her phone and attempted several tries to take a picture until eventually Olivia took her phone and took the picture of the two women. 

"I have to go tell her. Take me to her apartment."

"Now? It's late and I'm sure she's asleep."

"Now! This can't wait."

Her two friends sighed and drover her to your apartment complex where Saskia stumbled to your apartment, and began knowing one door down yours.

"(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Open up. I need to show you something."

Olivia tried to make her keep her voice down but Saskia just shut her up.

You were in bed, trying to get some sleep when you heard the commotion outside. You didn't think anything of it until you heard your neighbor yell at someone that she was at the wrong door. You rushed to your door , opening it to find Saskia and her friends.

"What the hell, Saskia?! Why are you here so late in the night?"

"I have proof. Proof that your girlfriend is cheating on you."

She said with a wide smile as she motioned Olivia to show you the picture. 

You hand her back her phone.

"This doesn't change anything between us Saskia. You made it clear to me that you didn't want anything to do with me other than be friends with benefits."

"I-I came earlier to te-tell you it was mistake."

Saskia was clearly struggling to get her words out correctly.

"I'll take care of her. Thank you for bringing her."

You wrapped your arm around Saskia's waist and led her inside as her friends handed her to you.

After helping her get into something comfortable as well as lay down, you made your way out of your bedroom to be stopped by a hand on your wrist.

"Please stay."

Something about her tone made you listen to her. It felt strange to be sleeping with the woman that kicked you out as soon as you fucked her. Suddenly, an arm was wrapped around your waist and you were pulled closer to Saskia. 

"Love you, (y/n)."

She mumbled. Saskia was either way too drunk or way too sleepy but either way, her words made you smile. Maybe the two of you did have a future together.


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