You/Angelina Jolie - Press Tour

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Summary: Angelina is jealous 

Prompt by: goenny 

You had been casted as Angelina's main actress in her new movie. It was a literal dream come true to be working with your favorite actress and now director. Being the main focus of her movie was a little nerve wrecking. You would always worry about the little things and get upset with yourself when something didn't go according to plan. All you wanted was to be amazing in front of her eyes but you could never be happy with the way things were. Angelina had taken notice that you would always storm off upset after filming your scenes and it wasn't until she saw you crying after a particular bad day that she knew that she needed to step in and help you out. 

Angelina had invited you out dinner to help you give you some tips to not stress out so much but it eventually it hadn't gone according to plan and feelings were revealed. After the dinner, the two of you had officially gone out on an actual date and had been dating ever since. Angelina had wanted to keep a secret to make sure that no one could play the card that she was playing favorites while the movie was being filmed but once it was done and the cast was now doing a press tour, she really wished she hadn't kept it a secret. 

It was literal torture just to watch your costars be all touchy with you. Hugging you too long, wrapping their arms around your waist and giving you all these cheek kisses for no reason at all. Of course, Angelina was professional about it and would often crack jokes but in the inside, she was raging. She hated seeing how they were much too comfortable with you and you would never say anything. Angelina knew it was ridiculous to be jealous of them but yet here she was, almost seconds away from telling the world that the two of you were dating. 

"So  Angelina, how did you feel directing your first movie?"

The host asked her after the other cast members had answered their questions.

Angie looked towards you, to the audience and then back to the host before  wrapping her arm around your shoulder and pulling you close. 

"It was wonderful. I love it. I love directing these guys, especially this one." 

She kissed your cheek before continuing.

"We've been dating for the past couple of months but had kept it a secret to avoid any distractions from the media. However, now that it's all over and tomorrow is the premiere, we felt it was time to come out to the world."

The host was quick to recover from the shock.

"Congrats you too! You both really kept it hidden. No one had any clue that the two of you were even friends. But you both seem really happy."

"I am. Angie is just the absolute sweetest. Always surprising me with little things and making me feel so loved. I just can't wait to see what she'll be getting me tomorrow for the premiere."

Angie could tell she had messed up by not warning you beforehand about the reveal but she was too jealous at this point to care. No one had ever crossed the line but she needed to make sure that they knew you were taken. 

"You'll love it. You'll just have to wait and see until tomorrow."

The host smiled at the two of you and then turned to the camera as the show was coming to an end. 

"Well there you have it. Their movie will be premiering this Friday in theaters. Until next time!"

All of you were released to head backstage to change into the clothes you had all come in on. 

"Are you going to tell me what that was all about?"

You asked her as soon as the door had been closed.

"What was that all about?"

She asked pretending that she had no clue.

"The fact that you just told the whole world we were dating despite you saying that you wanted to keep it a secret until the red carpet."

"I was jealous."


"Of the way they were all touching you. I know they would never do anything but I just had to make sure they knew you were mine."

You were a little annoyed at the fact that she hadn't told you before hand but seeing that look in her eye that showed you she was scared, It made you ease off of her. She had been in previous relationships that she had been cheated on and understood her reasons.  

"Oh Angie. I am all yours. I only have eyes for you. I love you. You're the only one for me."

"I love you too."

The two of you kissed each other until  you had to pull away to catch your breath.

"But I am expecting a present for tomorrow."


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