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Reality by kokimonstr25
Realityby frkonatr1225
Katie has always acted as herself on and off the screen. Except for whenever Melissa was around. She often felt the chemistry between Supergirl and Lena Luthor, but real...
Claimed by Ragbecca
Claimedby Ragbecca
Lena Luthor always gets what she wants. And she wants to claim Kara Danvers or Kara Zor-El, the cub reporter of Catco. After that terrible boyfriend is out of the way sh...
It's a wonderful life, Luthor by Tukma11
It's a wonderful life, Luthorby Tukma
A supercorp parody of "Its a wonderful life" the Frank Cappa film. Watch to see the beauty unfold as the angel watches Lena's life and then gives her a chance...
Dating by Ragbecca
Datingby Ragbecca
When Kara found out that Lena thought they were dating Kara quickly played along. But acting like you love somebody and actually fall in love with somebody are quite sim...
Burnt skies by itsiqra13
Burnt skiesby Itsiqra13
What happens when an ex footballer becomes a doctor to investigate a disease which killed her mother? Well this ex footballer just happens to be best friends with Lena l...
You Saved Me                                           Supergirl/Lena(supercorp) by xthecrazyfangirlxo
You Saved Me...by /Anita
A slow-burn fic alternating in which Lena Luthor already knows she is crushing on Kara Danvers, but as Supergirl and she save one another time and time again, she become...
Supergirl X-Readers(girl x girl) by Monochrome_Gray
Supergirl X-Readers(girl x girl)by Gray
A series of Supergirl lesbian x-reader fics, including Kara Danvers, Supergirl, Kara Danvers is Supergirl, Lena Luthor, Alex Danvers, Sam Arias, Imra Ardeen, and request...
Touch and Go by Ellen_5678
Touch and Goby Ellen_5678
Kara danvers and Lena luthor have been best friends for years. After one passionate night together will they be able to keep their friendship or their attraction and unr...
Lexie came back --- greys anatomy and supergirl crossover by Maries490
Lexie came back --- greys anatomy...by Maries490
Lexie faked her death and started a new life as Alex Danvers, one day she gets into a fatal accident and must go to the best hospital in the country. That hospital is Gr...
Supergirl (Jasper Hale)  by Anna1744
Supergirl (Jasper Hale) by AnnMarie
Kara is a normal girl well that is what everyone else thinks but she is actually from a different planet. No one knows but her adoptive sister Alex. Kara and Alex are go...
I'm Here (Supergirl AU) by RinkuWolfe207
I'm Here (Supergirl AU)by RinkuWolfe207
When Kara Danvers was changed into a Golden Retriever puppy, the first thing she did was panic but she was eventually found by Lena Luthor, whose heart was won over by h...
When The Truth Comes Out: Watching Their Lives - A Glee and Arrowverse Crossover by swimmingisawesome101
When The Truth Comes Out: Watching...by Dory
Barry Allen is eleven when his mother is murdered. He becomes Sebastian Smythe at 14. Kara Zor-el is thirteen when her world is destroyed. 24 years later, she is now Kar...
[SuperCorp] Ascendio [Finished] by itshaileymartin
[SuperCorp] Ascendio [Finished]by pizzabacon
[hogwarts AU) Kara has every reason to hate the triwizard tournament. For one, it's the reason the house quidditch tournament is cancelled. But on the other hand, it bri...
Honest // Avengers by multiversemiracle
Honest // Avengersby Multi
"That's your brother?" Thor calls upon his friend from the Amazon to help the Avengers. [ Book One of The Multiverse Miracle ]
Supercorp/Oneshots/Smut by 1_Alexandra_
Supercorp/Oneshots/Smutby 1_Alexandra_
Supercorp OnesHOTs ❗WARNING SMUT❗ ❗READ THE HEADLINE❗ I just started writing I hope you enjoy^_^.
A Second Chance - Superflash by qxebtynjumk
A Second Chance - Superflashby qxebtynjumk
During the batttle of Infantino Street, instead of Savitar killing Iris , Barry does the unthinkable and saves Iris' life but at what cost?
Female characters x Reader (You) by therainbowstuffs
Female characters x Reader (You)by therainbowstuffs
A bunch of drabbles, imagines and shots of your favorite characters with a reader. I'll mostly write about characters from Movies, TV shows and an app called Choices Sto...
Second chance? by The_Phantom6
Second chance?by The_Phantom6
Kara and Lena were together for almost 3 years. They are happily together...or they were happily together. A few years back Kara became CEO of CatCo. She was still busy...
Legend soulmates by magicmarge
Legend soulmatesby Marge
Kara as super girl finds a glowing pink rock as she gets close to it she starts to get dizzy and her body starts shaking once it stops she notice she's no longer a woman...
Science Doesn't Explain  by Brynn_writes_
Science Doesn't Explain by Brynn
PREVIOUSLY TITLED "Unimaginable" Don't hate me for changing it and then changing it back I can't come up with a title for the unpublished sequel that relates t...