You/Kara Danvers - The Wedding Part 2

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Summary: Aftermath 

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551

Kara was still in shock over what happend. One second she was smiling as she saw you down the aisle and the next you were passing out in front of her. 


She jumped into action after a second and carried you in her arms. 

"I'm taking her to the DEO. I'll see you all there"

Kara told Alex as she flew her as quickly as she could while carrying you.

Alex had already told the DEO headquarters what was going on so they had a bed for Kara to place you in when she landed. They made her step back as they figured out what was wrong. They had only gotten word from their Director that you had passed out after taking down a man and there was nothing else they could go on. 

"She traveled back in time! Her body was not used to the speed and is seriously depleted. My team already knows what to do in this case so just assist them."

The team of doctors and nurses that were attending you turned to Kara to make sure that she was okay with what was going on. Kara fully trusted Barry so she nodded to get Team Flash to work.

Several hours later and they all came out looking exhausted.

"How is she? Is she going to be okay? When will she be waking up?"

Kara had yet to change out of her wedding dress, not wanting to be away from you for any longer than a second. 

"She's stable. She needs a lot of rest and we're providing her with several injections throughout the day to help her body go back to the way it was. She'll be fine Kara."

Kara was overwhelmed with emotion as she heard that you were going to be okay and hugged Barry as tight as she could without breaking his back.

"Thank you so much Barry."

"It's nothing. You would have done the same."

He was still feeling guilty about what had happened before. He should've helped you and you wouldn't be laying down in the hospital right now. You would be at the reception, celebrating your marriage. He just hoped that Kara wouldn't hate him after she learned what happened. 

Several days later and after getting injected more times than you could ever count on, you finally woke up.

"W-where am I?"

Kara rushed over to you as soon as she heard your first word.

"Here, drink some water. Your throat is dry."

She helped you sit up to properly drink it.

"You're at the DEO. You passed out at our wedding after taking down a guy that had disguised himself."

You sighed in relief. You had done it. You had saved Kara. 

"What happened? Barry had only told us that you traveled back in time, why?"

Suddenly, the memories of being covered in your soon-to-be wife's blood came back to you and you began to cry. You had been so close to almost losing her forever. 

Kara quickly pulled you in to a hug and tried to get you to calm down.

"It's okay, (y/n). We're both safe. You'll protect me and I'll protect you, remember?"

You nodded and pulled back after getting your tears in check.

"You died."

You whispered. 

Had it not been for her super hearing, Kara would have never heard a word.

"What do you mean I died?"

"The man that was at our wedding, he shot you. He had shot you straight in the head with bullets that had been dipped in kryptonite. I killed him soon after and when I realized that you weren't coming back, I traveled back in time a few minutes before he killed you."

Kara was in shock. She had no idea that it had been this bad and so she pulled you in for another hug. Not wanting to let go to make sure that you knew she was alive and well.

You were released from the DEO a week after and although Kara was no longer in danger, you would often have nightmares of that moment. Kara would always wake you up and hold you as she told you stories about Krypton. They always helped. 

The days went by and the nightmares happened less and less until you just stopped having them. 

The wedding had been postponed until further notice but when you stopped having the nightmares, you just knew it was the perfect time to have it again. 

With Lena's help, she helped recreate the wedding that the two of you had planned with a couple of upgrades, managing to hire security that equaled to the Secret Service and even so far as to making sure that there was a biometric scanner to make sure that your guests were who they were. 

"Do you take Kara Zor-El, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do"

"Do you take (full name), to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

The two of you exchange your bracelets before letting Winn continue.

"May the light of Rao shine forever upon you, Kara and (y/n)! You may now kiss the brides!"

The two of you leaned in to kiss as all your guests cheered and clapped for the newly wedded couple. 


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