You/Kara Danvers - Glee

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Summary: She's jealous of someone that looks like her

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You had been watching the show'Glee' nonstop for the past couple of days that Kara had to intervene and stop you from spending the entire day on the couch

"Oh come on. Just one more episode."

"No, (y/n). You have work tomorrow and it's already 12PM. You're going to have a hard time waking up tomorrow."

"Please, it's my favorite episode. Come sit down with me so you can see why I like it so much."

Kara groaned loudly, hating how you could get her to do anything with just a please. You let her sit behind you so that you were laying down on her front. She soon got comfortable and you played the episode.

You hummed along to the songs, making Kara join in on the duets until the episode finished.

"So? What did you think of it?"

"It was alright. I've seen better shows."

"Oh come on. Don't you think that Marley girl was hot."

Kara frowns at your words and looks down to face you properly.

"She looks like any other celebrity."

"I disagree. I think she looks really hot in that homemade costume."

"I'm literally Supergirl. My costume is way better than whatever it was."

"Mm. I don't know. There's something about her that just makes her hot, babe. It also helps that she looks a lot like you."

"Not possible. We don't even have the same hair color."

"That may be true but she could practically be your twin. Look just watch. Let me send it to Lena and Alex."

You sent the two of them pictures of Marley with blonde hair, asking them if she looked like Kara.

'No way! That looks like Kara. How's that even possible. Did she have an acting career before becoming a reporter.' Lena replied.

'What did you do to my sister and why is she on tv?" Alex answered.

You had a smug smile when you showed Kara the messages.

"I told you! Even they think it was you on TV."

Kara rewinds the episode, pausing it on a shot were Marley was on.

"I don't see any similarities. We're practically two different people. I just think you're crush on her is blinding you."

You roll your eyes and leaned in to kiss her.

"Do you think I could meet her?"

Kara gently smacked your arm after hearing your question.

"Absolutely not. I'm also banning Lena from using any of her connections to meet her."

Hearing this made you pout. 

"Please baby. I just want to see her."

Kara crosses her arms and shakes her head.

"Absolutely not. I'm not having you meet this crush of yours that you claim that looks like me but there's no way that we are even similar."

You chuckle softly and move to straddle her lap.

"Okay, I won't try to meet her. You have my word."

Kara tried to hide the fact that she was jealous of the other girl as you had called her hot. Sure, the two of them looked eerily similar but you only had eyes for Kara. You only did it to get a reaction out her. She later showed you in bed that you belonged to her and no one else.


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