You/Mazikeen Smith - Feelings

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Summary: Linda tells her to find someone

Prompt by: multifandotakugirl/Tayzzw_

"Maze? What's going on?"

She looked up to you. Realizing that you had been talking for a while now.

"Nothing. Just thinking about my bounty that I can't seem to find."

You left it at that and gave her tips and even some information to help find the guy. Yes, it wasn't a good idea as a detective to give her information like it but you knew she could get the job done.

"Maybe we should go out tonight. Invite the girls and take advantage of the fact that Lucifers lets us have an unlimited tab."

"I have a lot of stuff to do. I can't go out."

"Pleaseeeee, Maze."

You pouted, hoping it might make her change her mind.

Mazikeen rolls her eyes and sighs, unable to actually say no to you.

"Fine. I'll come but I'm drinking as much as I can until I can actually get drunk."

Later on in the night, you dressed up in a (outfit), hoping to find someone for the night. Yes, it was a girls night but it wouldn't hurt to take advantage of going out and hooking up with someone. 

"You look sexy as hell, Maze. I ordered your drink already."

She smiled and thanked you for the drink.

"Where's the rest of the girl?"

"Oh, they should be here -- there they are!"

You waved over to Linda, greeting her as well as Chloe and Ella. With the five of you together, you all began to drink and spill details about what the five of you had been up to. You noticed that Mazikeen was a little quieter than usual but you thought it was because she was just simply enjoying her drink. 

After your fourth drink, you went out to the dance floor, inviting the other 4. None of them wanted to go up so you just went up to another girl and started dancing with her.

"You know Maze. I think maybe you should tell her."

"Tell who, what?"

Maze was about to take another sip of her drink but Linda pulled it away.

"(y/n), Maze. You should tell her how you feel. She's not going to know how you feel about her if you don't say anything."

"No. I'm not going to say anything. She doesn't feel the same way."

"And how would you know that?"

"I just know, okay."

Linda left it at that and ended up changing the subject to try to distract Maze.

You had been dancing with this other girl for the past thirty minutes when two guys decided to interrupt your dance with her. Ticked off about it, you started telling them off, making them angry. Maze took notice of the two guys getting ready to hit you and immediately intervened.

"Back off or I'll happily use my knives on you."

She had held a knife to the throat of one of the guys and didn't let go until they apologized and ran off.

"Thank you, Maze."

"It's nothing. I have your back."

Maze was about to head back to the table when you pulled her back to dance with her. You were already drunk with the amount of drinks you had taken and so you were just having fun by now. Maze was completely sober as she danced with you, making sure none of the guys got too handsy with you.

The night went on like that until it was eventually time to close. 

"Come on, (y/n). We have to go. The club is closed."

"Nooo. Lucy said we can stay as late as we'd like."

Finding herself unable to say no to you, she led you to the couch and made you lay down to let you get some rest. Maze smiled as you closed your eyes at the feeling of her playing with your hair.

"Mmm, love you Maze."

"I love you too, (y/n)."

She said, completely sincere. Maybe, she'll tell you tomorrow. She might lose you as a friend but perhaps Linda was right, it was better to say it out loud than keep it hidden. With that in mind, she closed her eyes as well, telling herself that she would tell you how she felt in the morning. 


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