You/Saskia De Merindol - Trial

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Summary: You're a gay mess

Prompt by: UnnatiN

You were shoved inside the cop car as they drove you down to the station. They had given you vague details about why they were arresting and then suddenly you were handcuffed to a table while you waited for someone to tell you what was going on.

A detective came to your room an hour later, handing you pictures of what they assumed was you robbing a house. 

"Mind explaining to me what you're doing in this picture."

"Absolute nothing because I'm not in this picture."

He shows you another picture with a close up of the person's face.

"That looks a lot like you. Quit denying and just admit to the fact that you robbed the house two days ago."

You frowned as you heard when the crime had happened. Just two days ago, you were on a plane making your way back home.

"I want to see a lawyer."

He sighed, a little annoyed and led you down to this room to call your lawyer.

From there, he handled everything after you had explained what happened. Everything pointed to you being in the clear and all you had to do was plead not guilty so he could show your innocence but that all went out the window when you accidentally declared yourself guilty.

There were gasps heard all around the court, not expecting for you to give in so quickly as there had been a lot of money stolen. Your lawyer just practically slammed his head on his desk and you just stared at the lawyer defending the people who's house had been robbed. 

She was hot as hell and you could not take your eyes off of her. You couldn't even answer her question, all you did was mumble a yes or simple shake your head while she talked. 

"What the hell, (y/n)."

Your lawyer angrily whispered to you as he followed you down to the jail cell. 

"I told you to declare yourself as not guilty! Why in the world would you just say you were guilty when you even have proof that you weren't even in the same country when this occurred."

Finally, realizing your mistake, you began to beg him to help you out.

"It was a mistake! I was distract by that hot lawyer and I was just a mess. You have to do something. There must be something you can do to fix this."

He sighs, running a hand through his hair.

"I can talk to the other lawyer and see if she can arrange another trial. I really can't believe you. I should just leave you here to make you realize how stupid you were for letting yourself get distracted. Even then, I specifically told you to say not guilty. The word guilty alone shouldn't even have left your mouth."

"I'm sorry! But that other lawyer was practically telling me that I was guilty and I had no other choice."

"You're a complete idiot. I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, try not to get into trouble."

He left you soon after.

The very next day, the lawyer from the other side paid you a visit. Seeing her up close was absolutely terrible. She was gorgeous and you just knew you would do anything that she would have asked of you. Including, saying that you were guilty again.

"So you're lawyer told me what happened. Even showed me proof that you were on a plane when it happened. Why in the world would you even declare yourself as guilty when your case could have been thrown out?"

This was just embarrassing. She was trying so hard to hide her laugh but you could tell she just wanted to laugh at you or the situation. You couldn't tell.

"I might have been distracted. I know. I know. Jason already called me an idiot. Feel free to do so as well."

She gave you a smile.

"Well what was it that distracted you? Jason refused to utter a single word about it."

"I can't say."

"Well then I guess I can't help you with a retrial."

You groaned loudly and let your forehead rest of the cell bars.


You mumbled.

"I'm sorry what was that?"

Saskia had actually heard what you said but she found it adorable to see you all embarrassed like this. 

"You distracted me! You were the reason why I had to sleep in a jail cell again."

She stepped back and motioned for the officer to unlock the cell. You groaned again, noticing that she was also trying to hold back her laugh.

"Well I'm also the reason why you're now free. Lets go and we can talk more about how this came to be."

This was going to be a long day. Suddenly jail seemed much better than this. It was embarrassing to admit that you were a gay mess to the woman that managed to make you one. 


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