You/Kara Danvers

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Summary: You like to flirt with her

AN: Suggested by: Mirianda29

You fell in love with Kara the moment your eyes laid on her. You had met her during a mission that paired up the DEO with the new hero known as Supergirl. You knew the moment you met her alter ego that it was Supergirl. There was no mistaking that feeling you would get when you saw her.

You knew there was no way that the hero would fall for you. She was a hero for god's sake. So there was no harm in flirting with her. Especially as you loved watching her blush at her. Your favorite things to do was use those cliche pickup lines that had been made for Superman but you switched it up to Supergirl. These would just come out in random places

"I don't mind committing a crime if you'll be the one to catch me, Supergirl."

After catching one of the bad guys.

"You look so hot in that suit, Supergirl. You'll look even better without it."

After a meeting at the DEO

"You save everyone. Do you want me to save you just for tonight?"

After she had dropped off a thief at the police station.

"Want me to relieve all your stress from being Supergirl all night?"

After you noticed her having a long day.

"Even without telling me to surrender, I will surrender to you because you're that powerful."

After you had been brainwashed

"You set everything in my body on fire with you looking fine in that suit."

After she had put out a fire.

"I thought you were Supergirl, why are you stealing my heart like that?"

After taking some shots with her.

The morning after, you realized your mistake and called in sick to work both at Catco and the DEO. You weren't ready to face the embarrassment of her rejecting you so you just stayed at home to eat ice cream and catch up on your favorite tv show.

You ignored the insistent knocking as you weren't expecting anybody. The knocking stopped and you got comfortable to continue watching your tv show.

You weren't expecting at all for her to come crashing through your window to soon appear in front of you and pull you in for a deep kiss.

"I am yours for tonight. Want me to fly you to cloud 9?"

She did in fact fly you to cloud 9, figuratively of course. The actual flying came after.


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