You/Daenerys Targaryen - Happy Part 4

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Summary: Cersei strikes back 

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551

AN: Brief mentions of sexual assault. 

The Night King had been killed. After taking down the threat in the North, it was now time to take down the threat in the South. Daenerys prepared a plan to take down Cersei at King's Landing. With the help of the North, they began to march to take control of the Iron Throne. 

It happened all so fast. One second, you're riding Rhaegal and the next thing you knew, you were  crashing down on the ocean. 

Daenerys heart stopped as she saw the scene before her. Her forces had taken a surprise attack and worst of all, she had just seen one of her wife and child crash down into the ocean. She didn't hesitate to fly down and search for you in the hopes that you had survived the fall. 


"You're okay! You're safe."

You coughed up the water that you had managed to take in when you fell. After a couple of deep breaths, you turned around to see your wife's worried expression. You reached over to cup her cheek, caressing it with your thumb as she leaned in to your touch.

"Thank you for saving me."

"You're not getting rid of me that easily."


After the devastating loses that the Targaryen army had taken, everyone had regrouped in Dragonstone. 

Only to find that Euron had kidnapped Daenerys most trusted advisor, Missandei. Daenerys didn't even think twice as she traveled to the South to rescue her dear friend. It didn't take long to arrive at the gates of King's Landing. Where Cersei's army had been waiting to greet the Targaryen. You stood besides Dany as she demanded Missandei to be returned . 

You knew Cersei wanted one thing and one thing only. You couldn't live with yourself if there had been something you could have done to prevent her death.


The man holding the axe, stopped right before decapitating Missandei. He turned to Cersei to see if he wanted to continue. 

She shook her head and turned to face you. Curious as to what you were doing.

"What are you doing?" 

She whispered angrily at you. You turned around, taking her hands in your as you looked at her. 

" I couldn't live with myself if Cersei killed her. I love you Dany. I know you'll end up taking over the Throne."

You motioned to Grey Worn to hold her in case she tried to stop you.

"Release Missandei. I will give myself to you in return that she is released to Daenerys."

Cersei smiled and motioned for her guard to take her down. He roughly grabbed you and took you inside. You were brought back to the position that Missandei had been not too long ago. 

"She's mine, Daenerys. She'll never be yours."

She gripped your Targaryen insignia as well as your ring and threw it over the wall as she roughly forced you into a kiss. 

Daenerys was furious. She saw red the moment her house insignia had been removed. She almost ordered for Drogon to burn them all down but she stopped herself. She knew that you wouldn't have approved of that method so she went back to her camp after Cersei had headed back to her castle. Daenerys had a lot to plan in so little time. 


Cersei had been thinking of this moment since almost a year ago. She had you tied up to a pole in the center of the city and watched as her guards whipped your back to the point where you couldn't stay up from the pain. You were more than sure that if you hadn't been chained down then you would have fallen over. You back was bloody and you could feel the blood dripping down as they dragged you to the Red Keep. 

You were forced to stand and silently watched as Cersei took a seat in front of you.

"Pledge yourself to me and I can end your pain."

You kept quiet. You would never betray you wife. You would rather die a Targaryen than be forced to side with the Lannister's.

Cersei could still see the fight in you so she motioned to one of the guards to continue the whipping until eventually it got to much and you fell to your knees. 

"Was that so hard. To make up for the fact that you betrayed me, you'll stay there until you can't hold yourself up."

She stood up leaving you with one of her guards that made sure you were on your knees the entire time. 


Daenerys took 2 days to plan out the invasion for King's Landing. The gates were forced open and the bloodiest war she had ever seen began as her army fought against the Lannister army. 

While she watched her men fight, she rushed over to the Red Keep with Jon and Arya to help find you. 

It's not long before she makes her way inside the Great Hall to find Cersei forcing herself on you. Her guards don't even need directions as they kill Cersei's guards and drag her outside. 

Daenerys rushed over to you, taking off her coat and covering you with it.

"I'm here, (y/n). You're safe. I won't let her hurt you anymore."

"I-I'm sor...."

"Shh. You need to rest."

She helps you stand up and leads you outside where she takes you to Drogon to protect you while she talked to Jon. She gave him specific instructions as to what to do with Cersei. She would have taken matters into her own hands but you needed her.

"You will suffer for what you did."

Daenerys practically growled at her before making her way back to you. 

"The Iron Throne is ours."

She whispered to you.


As soon as the Lannister army had gotten word about their queen being killed, they stopped fighting. They had given up, allowing Daenerys to take control. 

Efforts to rebuild were rushed and eventually King's Landing had been rebuilt the way it was.

It was months later when you were both crowned as Queens of the Iron Throne in front of everyone. 

Things were finally the way they were suppose to be. You were finally happy. 


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