You/Christen Press - Together Again

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Summary: The two of you date in college but eventually drifted apart

Prompt by: lavenderlune 

The two of you had first gotten to know each other when you both began to train for the same college team. You had both been recruited from different parts of the country and hadn't known each other until the first day of practice. It was love at first sight. Neither of you could keep your hands off of each other and you thought she was going to be the one you were going to marry. She was perfect in every way and the bonus thing was that she was also part of your team. It's not everyday that you can say that your girlfriend is also part of the team. It makes bus/plane trips much more fun and it allowed the two of you to celebrate goals or victories together. It was absolutely a blissful 3 years. 

The plan had been to graduate and try out for the same team or agree to join the same team but things changed. Christen had been recruited to another soccer team out of the country.

"Try out. I want you to come with me. We don't have to 100% stick to the plan (y/n)."

You sigh and shake your head at her words. The two of you had been arguing about the move for almost an hour and she still hadn't understand what she did wrong. 

"You don't get it, do you Christen? I know plans change and I know that they won't be concrete when we make them. I get that. What I don't understand is how you literally waited last minute to tell me. You're flying out in two days to a new country and you never stopped to think that it would have been a good idea to fill me in?"

"I didn't want to upset you. I didn't want to ruin what we had."

You couldn't help but laugh. It was just too funny to you that she had only done it because she was afraid of upsetting you.

"Well you clearly don't know me at all, Christen. I would have supported you. We could have done other plans but it looks like I'm not part of yours. I truly do wish you the best, Christen."

Christen watched as you stood up and knew what was going to happen next. She had to stop you, she had to at least try. She took your wrist to keep you from leaving. 

"Please don't go, (y/n). I'll stay here. We can still do your plans. Please just don't leave. I love you."

You cupped her cheek and gave her a smile, forcing yourself to keep the tears at bay. 

"I'm letting you go because I love you, Christen. You had plans in your mind without me and I'm not going to stop you from going. I'll see you around."

Christen fell down to her knees as you walked away. You just pretended that you just hadn't left the love of your life in tears in the middle of her living room. After making it all the way through campus without crying, you arrived at your empty dorm to let out all your tears. You kept thinking that maybe Christen was right about keeping it from you but eventually you realized that she should have told you. You would always tell her about all the teams that wanted to recruit you. 


You eventually ended up graduating, joined your hometown's team and eventually had been recruited by the USWNT. 

It had been a dream come true for you. You had never thought it would happen but yet here you were on your way to the locker room to know who else had been recruited. 

Christen had been recruited by the USWNT as well. It had also been her dream to be part of the team and it was all happening. She was quite nervous to be around the best of the best and began to doubt her skills.


You called for her as she was leaning against a wall outside. 


She was startled at the sound of your voice and then gasped as she took notice of you.


Christen was about to give you a hug but then stopped. You gave her a smile and leaned in to give her a side hug. It was good to see her after all those months. 

"How have you been?"

"Same old. Same old. Just barely surviving this world. What about you?"

"Me too. I can't believe we were recruited at the same time. I find it quite hilarious."

Christen nods.

"It is. Maybe this is faith?"

She mumbled. Soon enough a whistle was heard in the middle of the field to gather everyone around to start practice. 

The couch could automatically tell that the two of you had some type of history. Both of you played well with each other and worked better than anyone she had ever since. It's why she ended up always putting you together on the field for practice and eventually at your first game.

Surprisingly, you weren't nervous for your first game. You didn't know if it was because you knew that you would end up with Christen but it didn't matter. You played amazingly well for your first game that you even ended up scoring a goal. 

It didn't matter that it had been two years since the two of you had broken up but old habits were hard to break as the two of you ran to each other and kissed in celebration of your first goal.

"Oh god. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to."

"No, no, no. You're fine. I uh should have stopped you too but I didn't."

You were both lost in each other that neither of you realized that you were being called back on to the field. Giving you no chance to talk about what happened. 

The game ended in a win and soon enough, everyone was packing up to go home. 

"So about what happened in the game."

"I'm sorry Christen. I shouldn't have done that. We're not dating anymore and for all I know, you could be dating someone else."

"What if I want us to date again?"


You had heard what she said but you had to make sure that you had heard her correctly.

"I want us to date again. I don't care if we have to start from the very first date but I want you (y/n). I want to be your girlfriend again and eventually your wife."

"This is your second chance, Christen. No more secrets between us. I don't want what happened last time to happen again."

"It won't! I promise."

"Good. My name is (Full name). What's yours?"

It took a while for it to register for Christen but she caught on.

"Christen Press. It's really nice to meet you again, (y/n)."


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