You/Lena Luthor

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Summary: Lena invites you for some drinks and gets jealous when many try to flirt with you

If Lena was a workaholic then you would be whatever was above that. You spent a long time in the office that Lena was the one that would drag you out. Things weren't looking good for you relationship as you hardly got to spend anytime with. You decided enough was enough and began going home early to cook for Lena.

With you no longer working so late, Lena figured it was time for you to meet her friends. You weren't scared to after how you had been treating her but she begged you to come over. You could never say no to her and so you agreed.

It took you so long to figure out what to wear that Lena had to pull out an outfit. You didn't mind as you loved what she picked for you. The outfits that she picked were always either too revealing or something that matched with her. Today, she had gone with both.

The two of you arrived later than anyone but was still early enough to get a couple of drinks. Lena went for the first round and you began to talk amongst her  friends.

They were all an absolute delight. You realized as to how Lena had become so close to them and was glad that she had people to depend on. With everyone already finished with their drink, you offered to grab everyone another round. Lena stopped you, pulled you down for a kiss and handed you her card. It was strange for her to kiss you like that in front of her friends but you didn't mind at all. She had always been quite possessive and you loved it. Especially how she was in bed when she make sure you knew you were hers.

You sat on one of the counters and ordered each other of their drinks. A hand turned you around and pulled you in for a kiss. You immediately knew that it wasn't Lena as her kisses were much more different than whatever sloppy kiss they tried to do.

You tried pushing him off but he was just too strong. It wasn't until a few seconds later that he was finally pulled away by Kara. Lena rushed to your side to make sure you were okay before raining hell upon the guy. You had all but forgotten about what had happened and simply stared at Lena as she threatened him with just about everything.

She dumped her drink on him and went back to you.

"We're leaving."

She whispered to you in a firm tone. You knew exactly what that meant. You unconsciously clenched your thighs and led her guide you out of the bar. Not being able to form any words, you simply waved goodbye at them.

Back in your apartment, Lena didn't waste anytime to mark you. Leaving them everywhere that was visible to you and also to others.

The next morning, you called into work. Unable to actually even walk. With that done, you turned to face Lena, rolling you eyes playful at her when you notice that smirk she had.

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