You/Chloe Decker - Reveal Part 2

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Summary: Chloe confesses her feelings

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Chloe knew she was stupid for feelings like this. She knew the kind of person you were and yet she still let herself fall in love with you. It had to be one of the top stupidest things she had done. 

She cursed under her breath as she yet again dropped the keys, finding it hard to see because of the unshed tears. 

"Here, let me help you."

"No! You've done enough."

She yanked the keys from your hands and unlocked her car, closing it before you could stop her. 

"Chloe! Chloe! We need to talk, you can't just run away after saying something like that."

"Watch me."

She turned her car on and rushed off, almost running over your foot in the process. 

You got in your car and tried to follow her but you had managed to lose her so you thought to go to the first place you could think of finding her.

"She's not here."

You had rushed over to her apartment,to find that it was just Maze and Trixie.

"Do you know where she could have gotten?"

"Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you. You're a fucking idiot for not telling Chloe about how you felt for her. You just had to fuck just about every girl in LA to be able to forget her and look at where that got you."

"Shut up! I know I'm an idiot."

She had nothing else to say so she slams the door on your face. You head back to your car, trying to figure out where Chloe might have run off to.

It didn't take you long to realize where Chloe might have run off to and you felt dumb for not realizing it sooner. You drove to the beach and then sighed in relief when you spotted her car.

"How did you find me?"

"You mentioned loving this particular area of the beach."

"So I guess you do pay attention."


"There's nothing you could say that could make me feel better about things so just save your time and go back to that girl."

"I don't want to. I want to be with you."

Chloe didn't say anything as there was nothing else for her to say you decided to speak up.

"I'm an idiot Chloe. An even bigger idiot than Lucifer and that's saying something. I'm an idiot for not being upfront about my feelings to you and just avoiding my feelings entirely. I pushed them away and did anything I could to forget about them. The moment I realized about my feelings for you, I just knew that I couldn't say anything. I didn't want to hurt you because I always ruin anything good that happens to me."

Chloe still hadn't said anything.

"A like you Chloe. A lot and I've had feeling for you ever since our second case together."

Finally, Chloe turned around to face you. You gasped as you saw the tears running down her cheeks and walked over to hold her.

"I'm sorry, Chloe. I didn't mean to upset you."

She smiled at you and then kissed you. 

"You are an idiot but you're my idiot."


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