You/Regina Mills

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Summary: Takes place in the enchanted forest. The Evil Queen has your heart.

You weren't exactly sure how you got yourself in this position. You were kneeling in front of the Evil Queen as she held your heart in her hand.

"You're incredibly stupid, you know that. Who thinks it's a great idea to come in here and just willingly offer their services to me."


You cried out in pain as she squeezed your heart.

"No. I'm not done talking. Don't talk unless I ask you questions. Now where was I? Ah yes. This little trick of mine is extremely handy. I can make just about everyone fall to their knees for me."

You tried to speak but weren't unable to at all.

"That's more like it. I'm a queen. I should not be interrupted. I have no use for you. My knights are out there following my orders. I don't need an extra pair of hands."

Her fingernail traced your jaw as she leaned down to get a better look at you.

"Kiss me."

She mumbled against your lips. Without a second to spare, you pressed your lips against her to give her a proper kiss. Her lips were intoxicating and you just knew that even if she didn't have your heart, all it would take was a kiss from her to do her bidding.

"Stop." She mumbled against your lips.

You tried so hard to continue kiss her but it was useless. She still held you heart and whatever she commanded, you had to follow. You were breathless and took a while to catch your breath.

"Maybe I can find some use for you here. Everyone is to afraid of me that no one has ever touched me like I've wanted them to."

She smirked and stepped back to watch you out of breath and still on your knees.

"I can't imagine what your father and mother will say when he sees you. The daughter of the Charmings. All they ever wanted to do was keep you safe from me but it looks like you fell right into my hands."

Your eyes widened when you realized she knew exactly who you were. You tried to deny her claim but you were still unable to speak. You shook her head and all she did was laugh.

"Oh please. I'm not an idiot. I can recognize those eyes. You're definitely Prince Charming's daughter. Stand up and follow me."

Again, without any hesitation, you followed her to what you believed to be her room. She pulled out something from her box and stood behind you, moving your hair to the side as she clipped a necklace on you. Regina guided you to a mirror, finally letting you see what she had put on you.

The necklace was simple but the pendant was what caught your eye. A red apple. The same one used to poison your mother.

"Go back to your family. Let them see how I now own you. Once they do, return to me at once. I have a lot of plans for you."

Without looking back, you left back to their palace.

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