You/Katie McGrath - Meet & Greet Part 1

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Summary: She likes you

Prompt by: Lucyh97

You had just recently turned 18. You graduate high school just over a month ago and as your graduation present your parents decided to take you to a convention to meet Katie McGrath. You had begged them for months to let you go but they always had an excuse for you not to go to it. Claiming that you were to young and that it was just better to wait when you were older. 

You had arrived a week earlier with your friend, Kayla, to go sightseeing so you wouldn't just go out of the country for that one convention. You posted various selfies of you with her along with several that you were alone in. Overall, it had been a fun week but nothing could compare to having the chance to meet Katie. 

"Don't get me wrong but why are you dressed like that? I thought you would be like the other nerds and put on a costume."

You frowned and playfully smacked her arm.

"Because, Kayla, what if it happens in like all those fan fictions I've read. You know. Katie sees a hot fan and ends up dating them."

Kayla rolls her eyes at your ridiculous fantasy. There was no way that someone twice your age and as successful as her would just ask out an 18 year old. 

"Sure. Whatever you say. Now come on. We'll be late."

The two of you headed a little earlier than the meet and greet to have time to go around the convention to buy a couple of things that Kayla had been dying to get.

"Okay, we should head to Katie's line. I bet there's already a huge line."

You took her hand and led her to the line for Katie's meet and greet.

It was a little embarrassing to admit but you joined in with the other girls when they screamed as Katie came out. Kayla just shook her head and pulled out her phone to take pictures of you. She never understood your giant crush on the Irish actress but after seeing the outfit she wore for the meet and greet, she realized that maybe you were on to something.

The line was quite long and Katie's meet and greet was lasting longer than the others. She actually took her time on getting to know her fans and didn't seem bothered when they tried to rush her to finish.

It was finally your turn and you were beyond nervous. You had done just about everything to deal with your nerves the day before but it clearly hadn't worked. 

"Sweetie? Are you alright?"

Kayla, noticed how nervous you were and her being the good friend, decided to step in. 

"She's just a little nervous. Her name is (full name). She's been talking nonstop about getting to meet you for so long and now that she's hear she can't even say hello."

Katie laughed at her answer and began to sign the picture you had brought. 

"Well I do tend to have that effect on women."

She added with a wink.

Katie stood up and led you to the front of the camera.

"So how did you want to pose?"

"Anything is fine." 

You mumbled. 

Katie bit her lip, finally noticing your outfit that you had specifically picked out for today. You looked sexy as hell and it made her start to think of things. 

She didn't want to take too long so she did the cliche prom photo of her standing behind your back with her arms wrapped around your waist. Except, she had leaned in to kiss your cheek. 

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