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Summary: She's your teacher at a new school

AN: Sorry! I was planning on making it smut but I'm just not good at them. I hope this was okay. 

Prompt by: JennyHoneyBunny

You hated switching schools, especially when it was right after the winter break. It was hard for you to make friends so you never even bothered to try to befriend anyone. 

Today, was going to be yours first day at a new school. You had picked up your new schedule and rejected having a guide show you around the school. All of them were the same, there was no reason for someone to waste their time on showing you around. You read through your schedule and made your way over to the first class of the day.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened in any of your classes, you sat in the back and no one bothered you. That all changed when you walked into your last class of the day. It almost seemed like the students were afraid of the teacher as the seats from the from were all empty when you arrived. This annoyed you as you liked to sit in the back and ignore everyone but there was nothing you could do.

The students acted very differently in this class compared to the others. The other classes were much rowdier than this one. This one, everyone was quiet, facing forward with no one on their phone. You shrugged it off and figured people were just being strange as you took a seat and pulled out your phone while the teacher came in.

"Put your phone away!" This girl from behind you whispered loudly to you.

You ignored her, thinking she was just messing with you and continued being on your phone. 

Miss. Jolie, expected everyone to be in their best behavior. She gave detention for the smallest infractions and enjoyed being feared by everyone. She hated dealing with noisy or inattentive students so the first week of class, she gave everyone detention until they all learned how to behave. 

When she walked inside her classroom, she did not expect anyone to be sitting in the front, much less being on their phone. Her students knew better than that, this must have been the new girl that the other teachers were talking about. Inattentive but did her work. Miss Jolie, wouldn't have that kind of behavior in her class even if she was new. She assumed one of the students had told her but the new girl ignored her warning.

She cleared her throat in front of your desk and held out her hand to you.

"Detention for you. Stay after class." 

She took your phone from you and walked back to her desk.

"I didn't do anything! Your class hasn't started."

You argued. The students behind you quietly gasped, holding their breath to see what their teacher would do. The last time someone did this, they had been assigned detention for the entire month with her. He used to be the class clown but as the month went on, he became much more serious.

"You've earned yourself a month in detention, keep it up and I can make it two months."

You kept quiet, not wanting to continue getting more months in vacation.

The rest of the class went well, no one said or did anything against the rules for her class and eventually the class ended.

"Go ahead and lock the door for me."

"Miss. Jolie?"

"I don't like to repeat myself. Go lock the door." 

You stood up and did as she asked.

"I've heard some things about you. Not good things might I add."

She didn't say anything  as she watched you take a seat.

"I don't want a troublemaker as a student so maybe this month will do you some good."

Miss. Jolie grabbed a handful of sheets with a single sentence on top of it.

"Copy that until you've covered all the pages. Not a word from you."

Your hands were aching by the time you had finished everything. She didn't say a word as you handed them in and left home. The first few days of detention were much like this but they started progressing to other things. Spankings to make sure you knew what might happen if you did something out of line. Teasing you to keep you in line so you would behave to get what you wanted. All the way to pleasuring her so she knew that you were obedient. 

Detentions had gone from the classroom to her house. If someone had noticed the two of you grow much closer, no one said anything as they were afraid of her. 

You? You became her obedient pet, following her every order.


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