You/Sara Lance - Prank

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Summary: She decided to have a little fun with you

Suggested by: Sannexgek

You and Sara have been able to talk thanks to a device that Cisco had invented so everyone that had a similar device would be able to talk without any interruptions and such. It helped deal with your time traveling girlfriend and you just knew without it that it would have caused a large amount of problems in your relationships with her.

Apart from being able to text other people, Sara had managed to upgrade it so it could have access to social media from any day or year. It helped her keep up with current events and she used it to send you videos and such since you loved them so much. During one of these times, Sara had noticed that there was this lyric prank that was going around and it seemed like a lot of fun.

She spent countless of hours to search for the perfect song to mess with you and she just knew the it might take you a while to realize it was just a prank. When there was nothing to do, she headed to her room to start.

You hadn't expected for Sara to text you this early in the morning. Especially with such an alarming text messaged. Times like this made you wish that she was here with you.

'I gotta say what's on my mind.' She sent.

'Go ahead. You know I would rather you tell me things than for you to keep them to yourself, babe.'

Sara couldn't help but smile when she noticed that you had taken the bait.

'Something about us'

You frowned at her next message. It made you rack your brain to see what could've been the reason for her to send you a text like this.

'What about us? Are you okay? Are we okay?'

You bit your lip hoping this was all a misunderstanding. You tried to calling her but she didn't answer so you assumed she was busy.

Sara wanted to make the prank last a little longer so she continued.

'It doesn't seem right these days.'

God, this was it. Sara was going to break up with you and you just wanted to know why. You've been nothing but the perfect girlfriend for her. Calling and texting her at all times and so on.

'Sara, please. Tell me what's wrong. I can fix it. Just please don't do what I think you're going to do. I love you.'

Reading what you sent made Sara want to reveal that it was just a prank. But she wanted to see how far she could go. She knew that she was going to be in deep shit so it wouldn't hurt to just go a little longer.

'Life keeps getting in the way'

'Are you talking about the fact that you have to time travel across time periods to save history because I've told you that I'm more than okay with you preserving our history.'

'Whenever we try, somehow the plan is always rearranged.'

You knew something was up. Sara was just ignoring your questions at this point so two could play this game.

'It's so hard to say.'

'It's okay. You can tell me anything Sara.'

'But I've got to do what's best for me.'

'You can't handle the long distance Sara? Why haven't you said anything?'

'You'll be okay.'

'Wait. What are you trying to say Sara?'

'I've got to move on and be who I am'


Sara was expecting anything else but this. She assumed that you were going to try to reason with her but the simple okay made her realize that maybe you hadn't caught along.

'Wait. I'm kidding, (y/n). It was all a prank. Just look up the song Gotta Go My Own Way. I never meant any of that. You know I love you and I'm more than happy with the way things are going.'

You just smiled at her response. She might be a trained assassin but she was a big goof when it came to you.

'No, Sara. I understand that you want to break up. Maybe it's for the best.'

Sara knew she had to fix this. She had possibly gone to far. She plotted a course to you, not bothering to explain to her teammates why they were going back. After picking up some flowers and chocolate, she rushed to your apartment. Knocking as much as possible so you could hurry up and open the door.

You were just about to open the door but it was suddenly kicked up by your 'ex' girlfriend. 

"Sara? What are you doing here? I thought you were in the vanishing point."

"I had to fix the mess I made. I was an idiot for trying to do that prank to you and I'm sorry. I couldn't go to another timeline thinking that we were broken up."

She handed you the flowers and followed you to the kitchen as you put them in a vase.

"Wait, you're not upset? Does that mean you caught on?"

"Yes, you big goof. You were ignoring my questions and you know how much I hate that so I figured something was going on."

"Does that mean that you've forgiven me for that dumb prank?"

"How long are you here for?"

"Until you forgive me."

"Good answer."

It took a whole day for you to forgive her. She learned not to prank you with things like that.


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