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Summary: Kaylee goes live

Prompt by: shiu13

You loved visiting Kaylee and Lulu on set. Especially bringing them their favorite food when they had a long day on set and just needed something to cheer them up. 

Although, you loved coming to the set, people were starting to take notice of you appearing in BTS pictures. Everyone assumed that it was because you were Lulu's cousin but in reality it was because you were dating Kaylee. It was just going to be a matter of time before the fans discovered your relationship with her. 

In reality, you didn't really care if anyone found out your relationship with Kaylee but you both had agreed to keep it quiet to avoid any unnecessary drama. The fans wouldn't start a shipping war and none of them would go on your social media to upset you. It was a win-win.

You had just come from a long work day and all you wanted was to sleep. Kaylee would be coming over in an hour and you just knew if you didn't take a nap now then you wouldn't be sleeping until much later. After changing into something comfortable, you climbed in bed and closed your eyes. Letting sleep take over.

Kaylee had come over just as you said. She smiled when she noticed your sleeping form and walked over to cover you with a blanket. Once she kissed your cheek, she headed back to the living room to avoid making any noise and accidentally waking you up. 

It was 3 hours later and you had yet to wake up. Kaylee could only watch TV for so long before she got bored and had to turn off the tv. She figured it would be fun to talk to her fans so after putting a post on that she would be live in a few minutes, she double checked you were still asleep and then laid back down to comfortably talk to her fans.

You woke up a few minutes later to the sound of Kaylee's laugh. It made you smile and after stretching and washing up. You followed the sound of her voice to find her in the living room.

"Kaylee! Why didn't you wake me up?"

Kaylee jumped, a little startled to hear you behind her. She turned around and that's when you took notice of her being live on Instagram. 

You quickly rushed over to your room and slammed the door closed.

Kaylee read the comments when she turned back around to end the live. Finding that everyone was wondering why you were visiting Lulu's cousin. 

"Sorry, guys. I have to go. I'll talk to you later. Love you all."

She quickly exited it out and rushed over to your door.

"(y/n), come on. Open the door."


You mumble into your pillow. You could already hear Kaylee breaking up with you for what had happened and as long as you refused to open the door, she couldn't break up with you.

A few seconds later and you hear the lock turn, Kaylee stood by the doorway, smirking as she held up a bobby pin.

"And you said they were useless."

She walked over to your side of the bed and sat besides you as she ran her fingers through your hair.

"What's going on, love?"

"I...I ruined things."

"Ruined things? What are you talking about? What happened?"

"I walked in on your live and it's just a matter of time before they figure out that we're dating, that's if you still want to date me."

You muttered the last part.

Kaylee sighs and gently pushes you to scoot over, placing and arm over your waist to hold you close.

"And? I don't care if they find out about us. It's probably for the best, I won't have to quit telling men and women to stop flirting with you and such. It's annoying."

Hearing her not be upset about what had happened made you feel a little better.

"I've been wanting to tell the public about us but I wasn't sure if you were going to be okay with it. Especially if it means that you'll now be in the public light."

Hearing that she didn't care if the two of you went public made you smile. Maybe this could all have been avoided if the two of you had talked. 

"We should really learn how to communicate better. We could have avoided this whole thing."

"Mhm. But the important thing is that we know better now. Lets get this over with."

She pulled out her phone, taking a quick picture of her kissing you. Clearly showing both of your faces.

Kaylee posted the picture with the caption 'my everything ♡'

It ended up being one of her most liked and commented picture. 


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