You/Lena Luthor - Nightmare

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Summary: Lena gets a nightmare

Prompt by: ChloeWilcox 

Lena had gotten a video with you tied up and held at gunpoint as they forced you to read something to her. Lena just watched helplessly as the love of her life cried and talked about how it had been all her fault and that she wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for her. You didn't want to read the cards but they had threatened to kill you if you didn't read them word for word. They were all about how it was Lena's fault that you were in this position and that when Lena would receive the video, you would already be dead. They didn't want anything from her, they had only kidnapped you to cause as much pain to Lena as they believed she deserved. As soon as the video finished, Lena called for her friend, Supergirl to help her find you. She hoped that you were possibly still alive and that she would find you just in time. That was all thrown out the window when Supergirl arrived with a grim look on her face.

"I'm sorry Lena but when we arrived, she had already been killed. She had been dead for 20 minutes."

"I need to see her."

"Lena... It's not a good idea. Your last memory of her should be a happy one."

"For godssake Kara! I watched video of her being held at gun point. She was crying and yet I couldn't do anything to help her."

Kara just nodded and carried Lena to the building that they had found you. She walked over to your covered body and with Alex's permission, she removed the blanket. Seeing you without any life, made her physically sick that she had to get away from you and throw up her entire stomach contents. Kara just pulled her in for a hug when she stopped.

"It's not your fault. (Y/n), wouldn't want you to blame yourself."

"But it is my fault! Had she never met me then she would still be living her life. I ruined everything!"

"Lena! Lena wake up!"

You woke up to the sound of Lena crying . At first, you thought it that she was awake but when you asked her what was wrong and she gave you no answer, you knew she was having a nightmare.

"Lena? Lena! Lena wake up!"

The third time was a charm as she woke up startled and a little disoriented.

"Y-you're alive?"

"Of course, Lena. Mind telling me what you were dreaming about."

You pulled her in for a hug to get her to calm down as she sobbed in the crook of your neck. 

"You died at it was all my fault."

"Hey, look at me."

Lena looked up to face you. You smiled and cupped her cheek, caressing it with your thumb.

"I'm alive Lena. You've done anything and everything to make sure that nothing ever happens to me. I'm safe thanks to you. I can even defend myself if I have to."

"But you shouldn't be needing any of that. You should be living a normal life where your life isn't threatened every second."

"Who wasn't a normal life when I could have a life with you? I love you Lena and I want to be with you. Nothing scares me. Besides I have you, Kara and Alex as backup if something ever does happen. I know that my life is in good hands."

"I love you too but I'm not taking any chances. I'm hiring you a bodyguard."

You knew it was extra but if it meant that it gave Lena a peace of mind than you were more than okay with it.


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