You/Morgana Pendragon - Happily Ever After Part 1

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Summary: She just needs to be loved

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You had been in the middle of everything when Camelot had fallen to the hands of Morgana. Uther and Arthur had been killed and you watched as Morgana ordered their execution. You had been watching from the balcony as their head had been chopped off. You hadn't noticed Morgana keep an eye on you as you closed your eyes before the executioner brought the axe down on their necks.

"Morgana, please. The knights are loyal. You could use them to do your bidding. Don't kill them. I beg of you."

You had learned that the ones next on Morgana's list were the knights. You had a couple of friends as knights and did not wish for them to be killed as well.

"Why should I keep them alive? They were loyal to Arthur. I'm sure they'll do everything they can to kick me out of the throne. I worked so hard to get what was rightfully mine. I'm not about to lose it because you simply begged for their lives."

"Please, Your Grace. I'll do anything. Just don't kill them."

You had begun to cry but refused to hold back your tears. You needed to show her how devastating it would be to you if she killed them.

"I need someone to take care of my needs. If I can see that you're good at it and loyal to me then I'll keep them alive."

You weren't sure what she meant about taking care of her needs but you agreed quickly. It would be the only way to keep them alive and you weren't about to waste it.

"Good. Head into my chambers. My maid will take care of you."

She dismissed you and was soon led down to her chambers by one of her guards.

As promised, there was a maid that had dressed you, fixed your hair and makeup. She closed the door behind her as she finished. Her job was done and knew the queen would be coming in soon.

Morgana had watched you from afar ever since you had been hired to help out in the castle but never tried to talk to you. Uther hated seeing her or Arthur being kind to the servants and she refused to be anything but kind to you if she ever got the courage to talk to you.

After finally taking over Camelot, this gave her the opportunity to finally get to know you better.

She had come in a few minutes after her maid had left. She found you looking out the window as your guards did their rounds around the castle.

"I heard of you been unreasonable a lot of times but I can't for the life of me figure out why you decide to spare their lives. My begging wasn't enough to save the lives of all 7 of them."

"Perhaps but that's something you shouldn't worry about. What you should worry about is making sure I'm happy."

Morgana just simply asked for you to help her get her dress off and put her pajama on. You didn't say anything as you helped her in fear of saying something wrong. Soon after, she told you to lay down besides you before passing out. It was quite difficult to fall asleep as you worried about her killing you in the middle of the night but she was sleeping so peacefully that you didn't think that was her plan. You soon fell asleep an hour after she did. Unfortunately, your sleep didn't last too long as Morgana started yelling and moving around on the bed.

"Morgana! Wake up, you're having a nightmare."

You continued shaking her until she woke up.

"I'm sorry. I hardly get them. Thank you for waking me up."

Seeing her this vulnerable made you start to rethink things. Morgana was most of the things that you had heard about her but this was a whole other side of her. She had fears just like everyone else. Sure, her methods to do things were quite unorthodox but it had been about time that someone had done something about Uther and his son. They were too arrogant and never did anything for the good of the people. Maybe Morgana would fix that.

You stood by Morgana's side every day and night. As the days passed, you came to realize how much Morgana cared about the people in her kingdom. Her issues had been with Uther and the fact that he had banned magic. None of this was because she wanted to enslave the kingdom.

"Could you hold me? "

She had asked so quietly that you thought that you had imagined it.

"Of course, your grace."

You waited for her to turn around before wrapping your arm around her waist to keep her close.

"Thank you."

"Oh um. You're welcome."

"I mean for staying by my side. I know I practically forced you to stay but you could have left at anytime. My guards seem to really like you. They wouldn't have had a problem with you leaving."

"I quite like keeping you company. Would you have wanted for me to leave, my queen?"

"No. I'm glad you stayed by my side."

You waited until you were sure that she had fallen asleep before quietly whispering that you loved her.

Morgana smiled at hearing your confession. It was nice to know that it wasn't one-sided.


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