You/Morgana Pendragon

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Summary: She's enchanted

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Morgana had been assigned with the task of dealing with Vivian while Uther and Alined drew up the plans for a treaty. She didn't want to and even insisted for Arthur to do it but Uther insisted it was just better overall for her to take over. You followed Morgana to assist her as she showed Vivian to her room. 

"This is (Y/n). She'll be the one who will attend to your needs. She's truly one of Camelot's finest."

Vivian looked at you up and down. Judging basically everything about you. It made you self-conscious and moved a little behind Morgana. 

"Well I fear for Camelot."

Morgana was ready to defend you but was stopped by you when you placed your hand on her arm. She took the hint and led the two of you out.

"She's certainly something. I'm sorry about sticking you with her but I had no choice. Gwen is with Arthur now and there's no one else I can trust that they'll meet every of her expectations."

The two of you went on your way and didn't think much of Vivian. Both you and Morgana have been after all discovering new feelings that the two of you felt for each other.

"Lady Morgana, you woke up earlier than usual."

"Yes, I feel as it wasn't productive as the future Queen to be laying in bed and doing nothing. I have a lot of things to do."

She hadn't even turned to face you since you arrived and it was highly unusual. Morgana was always the one who would be running to you for a kiss.

"Are you alright, Morgana?"

Morgana finally turned around, giving you a wife smile.

"I've never been better. I must go. I need to go talk to Lady Vivian."

"Lady Vivian? I thought you would be avoiding her as much as possible."

"Avoiding her? Why would I avoid the princess? I need to get closer to her. I must find a way to declare my love for her before it's too late."

"Hold on. What are you talking about 'declaring your love for her'? What about us? I thought we had something going on."

"No and we never will. My heart belongs to Lady Vivian and I need to go express my love to her."

She rushed out of the room before you even had a chance to say anything. You fled the castle, heading straight to Gwen's cabin to hide out. You couldn't believe what just had happened. You thought Morgana loved you. Had everything she said been a lie? All those kissed the two of you shared was nothing other than a kiss?

Gwen came an hour later to find you crying. It was difficult to understand you as you cried about what had happened and it made Gwen want to strangle her former mistress. She had no idea that Morgana could have been cruel. For now, she was going to hold you as you let out your feelings.

Morgana had spent the rest of her day trying to impress Vivian. Offering her large bouquet of flowers as well as writing to her poem about her love for her. Lady Vivian wasn't impressed at all and would plain out reject her but Morgana persisted. Lady Vivian was the love of her life. She couldn't let her get away.

You didn't think it could get worse but it did when you saw the two of them in Morgana's bed kissing. You ran out without a word. This had been your worst fear. Morgana running off with someone worthy of her love. Who were you kidding? You were a peasant. You couldn't give Morgana what Lady Vivian could.

You asked Gwen to cover for you and headed back to the cabin to force yourself to forget what you had seen.

Gwen came rushing to the cabin to look for you after she heard what had happened.

"(Y/n), you need to come with me. Something is seriously wrong with Morgana. She's risking her life to be with Vivian and is dueling the king for Lady Vivian's hand. We need to go and figure out what's going on."

"No Gwen. Morgana made it pretty clear that Lady Vivian is the one she wants to be with."

"Don't be ridiculous. We live in a world that has magic. I don't doubt that Morgana was enchanted. Now come on. We need to go save her before she gets herself killed for something ridiculous as this."

She grabbed your arm and led you to where the duel was being held. You couldn't watch the love of her life as she tried to defend her honor and just stood by the side. You were just planning on simple watching her but Gwen forced you to head inside her tent.

"(Y/n)? You came here to cheer for me?"

You can't help but laugh at her words.

"Quite the opposite in fact. I'm sick of letting others decide for us."

You pushed her against the pole and kissed her deeply. At first, Morgana had tried to push you off but eventually she wrapped her arms around you and continued the kiss.

When you finally pulled back, Morgana was suddenly realizing what she had done.

"I'm so sorry, (y/n). I don't know what came over me."

They soon called for her to finish the match and you made her promise to meet you at night.

Never one to break her promises. The two of you met up at a secret location where you would have date nights with her. 

"I truly am sorry (y/n)." 

She pulled out a rose from behind her back and held it towards you. You took it and moved it towards your nose to smell it.

"I know it's no ring or anything like that but it's my promise to you. A promise that I'll do whatever I can so that we can finally be together without anyone trying to break us apart."

Her words made you forget the entire reason why you were mad at her. It hadn't been her fault after all.


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