You/Lena Luthor - Thor Part 2

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Summary: You spend the day annoying her. Also pretend the hammer weighs nothing but when someone carries it, it can pack a punch. Still only someone worthy can carry it.

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Ever since helping Kara with her red kryptonite problem, she had been begging you to help her out. You had at first refused but after much insistence from everybody, you figured it wouldn't be a bad things to put the armor on a couple of more times.

These couple of more times eventually turned into nightly things as Kara would always call in the middle of the night to come help her. Sure, you were the Goddess of Thunder but you were exhausted by the end of the night that you would throw your armor off and place Mjolnir wherever.

This turned out to be a huge problem for Lena. At first, she had understood that you were exhausted and that you didn't really realize where you left your things but it was becoming a problem when you would leave it around in areas that she had to get to.

You felt bad the first time that she had asked you to move it but then soon after, you realized it was kind of funny to watch her struggle.

You leaned it against her drawers to keep her form changing when she couldn't decide what to wear. She got a little annoyed and had no choice but to head out of the gala.

You upped your game and left it on top of her healthy food when she tried to give you some despite your attempts on telling her that it was not possible for you to get sick and you weren't going to be eating rabbit food. This annoyed her even further but didn't say anything.

The next place you left it at, was on top of her car keys to keep her from going to work when she refused to take a day off. This one didn't annoy her too much as it allowed her to get some much needed rest.

You might have fucked up when you flew to her office and left it on top of her paperwork. She called really annoyed and forced you to come over to pick it up.

The next couple of days, she pretended like nothing had happened. You were kind of a little scared about what she would do since she was never one to keep things to herself.

You found out why she was keeping quiet when she came into the bedroom, carrying it in one hand. Your eyes widened as she carried it like it weighed nothing and then tossed it over to you. Groaning loudly as it landed on your stomach. You pulled it off and placed it beside you as you looked over at you.

"How long have you been able to carry it?"

"Actually since this morning. I might have gotten a little angry and attempted to pick it up when you placed it over my phone. It came to me as a surprise when I was able to carry it. So now you can't annoy me with it anymore. Don't worry, darling. I'll get you back for all those minor inconveniences."

She left without saying anything else, making you gulp loudly at the thought of what she could do. She ran a billion dollar company and had a lot of resources that most people dreamed of having.

Lena woke up to your screams and all she could do was smile when she noticed it was coming from the bathroom.

"Don't mess with a Luthor babe."

Looks like you were going to wear a wig from now on.


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