You/Sansa Stark

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Summary: You're a maid for the Lannisters

AN: Suggested By: LoveQueenxoxo

You had been captured by the Lannisters and then forced to become a maid. Your duties were mainly fetching things for anyone that had asked for something. You had met Margaery after she had asked to fetch her grandmother. Soon after, the two of you had become inseparable until she eventually started asking more of you. At first it had been a few kisses here and there but it eventually progressed to more things. You didn't want to believe it as you had fallen in love with her but it was only one sided. You were just Margeary's dirty secret. She had at first actually reciprocated what the two of you did late at night but it eventually only became about her.

You had met Sansa after hearing about her getting married to Tyrion. It had come as a shock to you as you had never even seen them in the room together. You had figured that Sansa was Joffrey's dirty secret but you had been wrong. You shared secret glances with Lady Sansa but nothing ever came of it. You were loyal to Margaery even if she wasn't.

"You know she's just using you."

You hear her say one day to you."


"Margaery. Joffrey can't scratch that itch that you scratch for her."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Don't play dumb. I've seen you sneaking in to her room."

Sansa walked up to you, trapping you between her and the wall. She leaned down to kiss you softly, moaning at the taste of your lips.

"I could give you so much more."

She whispered before leaving as she heard guards coming down the staircase.

It had been the last time that you had ever gotten to speak to her. You continued to visit Margaery despite now having what Sansa said in the back of your mind. It had been a couple of days and you could still feel her lips on yours.

The purple wedding as everyone called it had been a wakeup call. Sansa had fled and you knew that you couldn't continue being Margaery's dirty secret. With everyone high on alert, you sneaked out of the castle and fled to your home to see if you could hear news about where Sansa had left.

It took a whole two years to finally see Sansa again. You had gotten word about her marriage to Ramsay Bolton and what had occurred during their wedding night. You had wanted to rush in and save her but your parents insisted it was better to wait as they had heard about a battle occurring and the Starks were asking for help.

True to his word, there was a letter that had arrived asking your house to help them. With your father's permission, you sent word that you would come in and help.

It seems like things weren't going to end well as both your army and Jon's was no match for Ramsay. Just as you had lost all hope of ever making it alive, Sansa arrived with the Forces of the Vale. Thanks to her arrival, the battle was going towards Jon's favor. It didn't take long for them to defeat the Boltons and run them out of Winterfell.

Jon had provided you with shelter as you recovered from your wounds in the battle.

"It's so good to see you, (y/n)."

"Likewise, Lady Sansa."

She smiled and sat besides you, leaning in to tuck a strand of hair behind your hair.

"I'm glad you left her. She was never good for you. You're much more than she could ever be."

"Stop. I'm not as great as you think I am."

"That's preposterous. You willingly came to help Jon, knowing that you might die if you helped him. That was incredibly brave."

You blushed at her compliment. No one had ever been this nice to you. Margaery had at first but they were all just lies to get what she had wanted.

"Thank you."

"I don't want to waste another minute on keeping this. I've waited two years and I almost lost you a few days ago."


Sansa had leaned in to kiss you deeply. The two of you had gotten lost in your kiss that neither of you heard Jon knocking on the door.

"Oh! So sorry. I was not expecting. I'm leaving."

The two of you had pulled apart, trying to catch your breathe.

"I really like you, (y/n)."

You had stayed by Sansa's side despite healing from your wounds. Your parents had invited on you coming back but you only told them that you didn't want to take over and that you just wanted to be with Sansa. A few months later and they had gotten word of your engagement to Sansa.

It took a couple of more years to finally be able to call Sansa your wife as the threat of the Night King had arose.

Sansa had come home explaining that the North was now it's own kingdom and that she was named the Queen in the North. After her coronation, the two of you soon got married. Your coronation took a longer time as you were still trying to come into terms of being (y/n) Stark. You went from being someone's toy to being a Queen alongside Sansa.

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