You/Morgana Pendragon

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Summary: Morgana is possessive

AN: Suggested by: FoscaCooman

It had all been a blur when all thee of you had gotten captured. Morgana had gotten knocked out before she had a chance to at least save you and Aithusa. Aithusa was too young to fully understand the power she held so she hadn't been able to save either of you as they were chained and put inside a cage. You were the only one that hey kept awake and forced to walk to wherever they were going to hold you.

Morgana and you were both chained up in front of the other. Neither of you were close enough to be able to touch each other, other than your legs but it wasn't the same. Aithusa was also thrown inside the well. The dragon wasn't chained down either as they figured he would be too weak to do anything.

"I'm so sorry, (y/n). This is all my fault. I should've known they would do this to me. You shouldn't even be here. You don't practice magic."

You gave her a small smile and gently nudged her with your foot.

"But I am dating someone that practices magic. It's okay, Morgana. I would rather be here with you than out there. We'll be there for each other. We're stronger together. We'll make him pay for throwing us in here."

You cuddled with Aithusa as he tried to get comfortable in the small cage.

"He'll get stronger and help pull us out of here and then we'll burn Sarrum and his lands. He won't be anything but a speck of dust."

Morgana smiled at hearing your plan. She had fallen in love for the way you would think. You always thought outside of the box and knew she could count on you. She was glad that you were here to keep each other company. She knew if she had gotten pushed inside here alone then she would have gone mad. You were the one that could keep her grounded.

Two years of pure torture from Sarrum of Amata and the three of you were finally able to escape. Morgana had been forced to not use magic by him as he kept threatening you along with Aithusa that he would kill the two of you if she tried anything. Morgana didn't want to risk it and didn't use any of her magic for two long years.

Morgana was more determined than ever to get the crown. She had grown much more passionate about the crown and protective of you and Aithusa. With the help of a hypnotized Gwen and Aithusa, Morgana had been able to take Camelot from Merlin and Arthur.

Her first proclamation as Queen was that no harm would ever come to you and Aithusa. She wasn't going to risk anything. Morgana made an example of an assassin that tried to kill you by torturing him outside of the castle doors. Since then, no one has bothered to ever come close to you.

"I'm glad you were with me."

She starts off when the two of you were left alone in the throne room.

"None of this would be happening if it weren't for you and Aithusa."

At the mention of his name, he came closer and lowered his head to let Morgana pet him. You joined in, rubbing the bottom of his chin as he liked.

"We'll rule Camelot together and no one will hurt us again."

She turned to you, holding your hands.

"This is all for you."


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