You/Kara Danvers - The Wedding Part 1

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Summary: She gets shot 

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551

You had proposed to Kara in a traditional Kryptonian way almost a year ago. Soon after, the planning of the wedding took a place and eventually the day of the wedding finally arrived. 

You weren't religious at all and because you wanted to honor your soon to be wife's culture, the two of you decided to have a traditional Kryptonian wedding. Instead of rings, there were bracelet that were the chosen color of the couple and your dresses had The House of El's insignia. Kara was overjoyed when you told her that you wanted to do this for her. You however, decided to keep it a secret that you were learning Kryptonian for her. You just wanted to surprise her when you said yours vows to her.

You were currently at the altar, fidgeting as you waited for Kara to walk down the aisle. The two of you were surrounded by your friends and family. The Arrow and Flash family along with the legends had even traveled to your Earth to join in on their friends celebration.

Finally, the music began to play and you looked down to the doors as Kara was walked by J'onn down the aisle. You couldn't help yourself but cry when you saw her. She was absolutely gorgeous and you couldn't believe that you were going to be able to call her your wife in an hour.

Since the wedding was exclusive and there were literal dozens of heroes in the venue, there was no reason for you or Kara to be on high alert. It was after all your day. However, no one could have predicted that someone had transformed themselves to one of the wedding guests to shoot Kara point blank. 

You were the fastest woman alive and yet, there was nothing you could do to stop them from shooting her in the head. 

As soon as his gun fired, you stood in front of him, snapping his neck within seconds. You weren't going to show mercy to the man who killed your soon to be wife. 

Everyone rushed to Kara but you forced them back as you held her lifeless body.

"Kara, please! Come back to me. You've come back from worse things than this. I need you! P-please Kara!"

You had removed the bullet dipped in kryptonite, hopping it would help Kara heal but nothing happened when they took it out of the building. 

"KARA! You can't leave me!" 

You cried out as you ran your fingers through her hair. 

Alex stepped in when she saw that her sister wasn't coming back.

"(y/n).. She's not coming back."

You pushed her hand off of you, not believing that you weren't going to ever see Kara's smile again.

"NO! She will come back! She has to.."

After a couple of minutes had passed, you knew there was nothing you could do now. Your soon to be wife was dead.

You gently laid Kara on the floor as you looked around at everyone. They were all crying after seeing what had happened and where just standing around, wanting to make sure you weren't left alone. It was what their friend would have wanted.

"Kara did not deserve to die. I need to fix this."

Before anyone could stop you, you began to run around the Earth like you heard from Kara that Barry did to travel back in time. 

Being the fastest man alive, Barry knew what you were planning to do and follow you along.

"You need to stop, (y/n). Kara is dead for a reason. Going back to save her will have unintended consequences. Kara wouldn't have liked this."

"Kara is dead! and you did nothing to stop him. Get out of my way. I'm not going to sit down and do nothing."

You felt bad for knocking him out but it was the only way.

You continued running faster until eventually, you traveled in time to the exact moment that the music began to play. You were exhausted but you couldn't let the guy kill Kara again so before you passed out, you grabbed him from the crowd and smashed his watch in pieces that helped him disguise himself as a wedding guest.

Everyone gasped when they saw what was happening but you just simply handed him to a nearby agent before you made your way over to Kara.

"You're safe."

You leaned in to kiss her, passing out in exhaustion as you pulled back.


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