You/Melinda May - Mind Control

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Summary: Melinda hurts you pretty badly 

Prompt by: FiooBlossom/Tayzzw_

Melinda had been acting strange ever since she got back from her mission. You tried talking to her but she just brushed you off, saying that she was fine. It bothered you considering that she was the one that insisted the two of you should talk things over when ever there was something wrong. 

"Mellie, I think we should talk. You have yet to say a word to me in this past week. Did I do something wrong?"

She was looking through some files as you approached her. You normally wouldn't have paid attention to what she was doing but the bright red letters that red 'confidential' caught your attention.

"Melinda, what are you doing with those files. You're not cleared to read those."

It's when she turned around, giving you the chance to finally look at her in the eyes. They were no longer the warm brown eyes that you loved to look at. They were cold and you just knew that this wasn't your Melinda.

"What happened?"

"Oh nothing. Just finally realized something."

She punched you, catching you completely off guard. You covered your nose, as it felt like it had been broken.

"What the hell Melinda?"

She just smirked and continued throwing punches at you. You weren't as well trained as her so for every punch/kick that you avoided, you would get hit at least once or twice. Just a couple of minutes later and you were sure this was going to be it. Melinda had grabbed your gun and was holding it to your head.

You couldn't even move after she had brutally beaten you up. 

"I'm sure Melinda can still hear you. Any last words?"

You closed your eyes, not wanting for your last memory of Melinda to be the one were she had been controlled.

"I love you Mel."

Something kicked inside of Melinda's mind that she began to struggle with whatever was taking control of her. She was not about to kill the love of her life. 

It had been a few second since you said your words and you had expected to already be dead already. You opened your eyes to see Melinda struggling until eventually she reopened her eyes and you could again see the warmth in them.

"Mel, you're back."

"Oh god. Oh god. I need help! Someone please help me!"

After retaking control of her body, Melinda sees what she had done to you. She throws the gun to the side and rushes over to hold you while trying to get someone to help you.

Agents soon come in the room to take you to the infirmary while she is taken for questioning.

It's been a couple of days with you drifting in and out of consciousness. You could barely stay awake enough to ask about Melinda and if you did. No one would tell you anything 

Finally, you've managed to stay up long enough to ask one of your nurses to tell you what was going on. She is reluctant to tell you but eventually tells you that although Melinda had been cleared she had refused to come in and see you. They tried getting her to come in but all she kept on saying was that she was guilty and that it was all her fault. 

Despite your doctor's orders to not move around, you forced one of the nurses to take you to where Melinda had been the last couple of days.

"I can't believe you seriously made me come here and get you rather you visiting me in the infirmary."

Melinda had rushed over to you when she heard you come in.

"What the hell, (y/n). Why aren't you in the hospital? Why did you let her convince you to take you out."

"No. You don't get to do that. What you do get to do is answer why you haven't come to visit me in the hospital."

"I couldn't. I couldn't come in to your room and see what I had done. This is all my fault."

She motioned to you.

"You were being controlled for godsake. I'm not pissed about you beating me up. I'm pissed off that you haven't bothered to visit me. I'm currently in need of more pain medication so I need to go back and rest but the next time I wake up, your ass better be sitting in that chair or so help me, Melinda."

You motioned for your nurse to take you back to your room as you left Melinda in shook.

With your threat in mind, Melinda came into your room an hour later, setting up camp on the couch in front of your bed. Sure, you weren't a martial arts expert but she knew from previous experiences that your threats were not meant to be taken lightly. The last time she had pissed you off, you withhold having sex with her for almost a month. She couldn't imagine what you would come up this time and she was not about to find out. 


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