You/Josie Saltzman - Teacher

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Summary: She teaches you how to use your powers

Prompt by: BeccaFaust 

AN: Never seen the show so sorry if I get a couple of things wrong. 

You hated having to come to this school. Your mother had told you that it was for the better considering you still hadn't gotten control of your powers but you just knew that she had been afraid of you and decided to just dump you to the school.

"You must be the new student, I'm Josie."

"I'm (y/n)."

"I've been assigned to show you around so you'll be seeing a lot of me."

Suddenly, being stuck in this school didn't seem so bad. 


You had adjusted pretty quickly with the rest of the students but what you couldn't do was understand how your magic worked. It was frustrating to the point that you wanted to cry over the fact that nothing was coming out correctly. Everyone else was so far ahead and you were just starting out. It was embarrassing. 

"You know. I could help you out. With your powers I mean."

You looked up to find Josie, looking down at you with pity in her eyes. 

"No thanks. I'm sure I can figure it out."

"You sure because I could tell you were close to tears while you gave up after the 4th time."

She might have been cute and had gotten away with some of the things she had said and done but something about the fact that she had literally made her way through the forest in search of you, annoyed you.

"Look, I can figure it out. I don't need anyone's help."

She held up her hands and stepped back.

"Alright. No need to get upset."


"Could I talk to you?"

You asked her as she stood with her friends, talking about something that you couldn't be bothered to figure out. 

She excused herself and followed you to a quieter place. 

"Is there something you needed?"

"I need your help"

You mumbled while looking down on the ground."

She smirked as she heard your words.

"I'm sorry what?"

You took a deep breath, forcing yourself to calm down as you knew that she was purposely doing this.

"I said I needed your help."

"And why would I help you? You said that you could figure out what you were doing."

"Clearly, I was wrong. Sorry. This was a mistake."

You were getting ready to head back to the woods.

"Wait. I'll help you."


You were surprised to find out that she was actually a really good teacher. Your first week with her had been a complete mess but she had been patient. Explaining to you in detail what you had done wrong and how you could do better. It was finally the end of the week and you had spent the majority of it with Josie trying to figure out a spell.

"You can do this. You've been training for this."

You took a deep breath, her words of encouragement inspiring you to do better than the last couple of times. 

You closed your eyes and mumbled the same words you had been speaking of for the past week.

"You did it!"

You opened your eyes to find the wood on fire. Your eyes widened and disbelief and you weren't sure whether it was the surprise or the relief but you ran over to Josie, jumping on her for a hug.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

She had just caught you in time, laughing over how excited you were. She had to admit you were quite adorable like this.

"This was all on you."

You cleared your throat after realizing what you had done and moved down to stand back up. 

"I had your help. Thank you, Josie. I would've never done this without you."

She didn't say anything as she stepped closer to you, cupping your cheeks to kiss you. You were surprised by it all that you didn't kiss back, making her think that it had just been one sided. One minute she was standing in front of you an the next she was running, there was no way you could catch up to her so you hoped the spell that you had been learning next would work. 

You closed your eyes and mumbled the words.

You felt a sense of satisfaction when you noticed Josie struggle to move. 

"Let me go."

"Not unless you promise to not run away again."

She nodded but you wouldn't trust her. She had a habit of lying so you just leaned in to kiss her, hoping that she would return the kiss after what happened. 

"I-I thought you didn't feel the same."

"I was shocked! Plus I had been dropping hints left and right but you never said anything."

You let her go, realizing that she wasn't going to run off.

"Well, our lessons are certainly going to get much more interesting."


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