You/Regina Mills

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Summary: Someone reverted Regina back to her Evil Queen self. The only one who can save her is you.

You weren't expecting the front door to be wide opened when you arrived. Everything was a complete mess as you walked inside to see what had happened. You kept calling out Regina's name and it made you worry as you never received a response


You had spotted her by the staircase, with blood dripping down her forehead. You used your magic to heal the cut and tried wake her up. It took a couple of tries but eventually she opened her eyes. She tried to sit up but you told her to lay back down so you could make sure there was nothing else bleeding.

"Oh please, dear. I can handle a couple of bruises. I'm sure some of them are from a few nights ago."

You blushed brightly as you remembered what the two of you were up to. She laughed when she saw the blush and leaned in to kiss you.

"I still can't get over how you still get shy about them. I don't see you getting shy when you bend me over."

She whispers to you after pulling away. You immediately knew something was wrong. Regina never discussed your bedroom activities out of them. She was always so strict with saying how it should stay private and you completely agreed with her.

"Regina, what happened. Your house is a complete mess and you were knocked out when I came in here. Who did this to you?"

"Someone came in here demanding to see the Evil Queen and they got what they were searching for." She was facing a certain spot in the room that it made you turn around and see what had happened. You were shocked to find the burned marks.

"They did something to you and we need to figure out what. Come on. We need to go to your vault to keep you safe while we figure how to reverse whatever this is." You gestured to her.

"(Y/n)? Darling, I've never felt better. I'm more than okay. Stop worrying about me. You know how that gives you wrinkles."

You didn't have a chance to respond as she walked away from you and began to use her magic to clear the room away. It was strange watching her use her magic so freely but you didn't say anything.

The rest of the day was the same as the evening. Regina made a couple of comments and used her magic more than she had before. You didn't say anything about your suspicious as you went to go see what Gold had in mind.

You told him what you've been observing and your comments made him realize someone had reverted Regina back to her old self with enough present memories to not arise suspicious. He was just about to tell you what would work for her when you suddenly felt yourself being pulled back and began to be chocked as she watched.

"Talking to my enemy, (y/n)? You know better than that. I've always told you to stay away from him and when I have my back towards you, I come to find you here." She shakes her head before releasing you. "Be a good girl and stay at home. I'll take care of this." The next you knew, you were standing back at her house with a bracelet on your wrist. You tried leaving the house but it was useless. There was an invisible force that kept you locked inside.

Without a way out, you resorted to looking through the various spell books that Regina had stored in here for future readings. You kept reading to see what could help but it was useless, none of the books would help with getting her back to her old self.

"Those aren't going to help you. I took the liberty to borrow a couple of pages." You had turned to the pages where it looked like they had been ripped from the book.

"Something is wrong. I know you can feel it. Please let me help, Regina. You've helped me deal with my demons, let me help you deal with this." You gestured to her.

She laughs and forces you to kneel before her. "I'm feeling better than ever. My old self was much weaker and let everyone walk all over her. She knows better than that. I'm a Queen and I deserve to be treated as such." Regina leaned down to caress your cheek as she looked at your eyes. "You love me, right? You won't betray me again? I would hate to lock you up for not listening to me. I don't want to hurt you." You promised that you wouldn't go sneaking around again. Regina kissed you after hearing your answer. "I love you too. I'm only doing this for us." You didn't get a chance to ask her what 'this' was as she had already left.

You quickly stood up to dial Gold's number and were surprised to find that he had answered. You told him everything that had happened and it made his suspicions be confirmed. He gave you a list of ingredients that you'll need to revert her back to her old self and hung un immediately. You couldn't risk for her to find out what had happened.

You were entirely grateful that Regina had moved some of her stuff from the vault to her house. Apparently things were on your side as you were able to find all the ingredients needed for the potion.

By the time you had finished, you realized that you had no way of getting her to drink it so you came up with the idea of making it up to her. You went upstairs to prepare the living room for a romantic night, making sure to add the potion to her drink. You sat on the couch and waited for her return.

"What's this? Are you trying to get back on my good side because this is definitely a step towards it." She walked towards you and sat down on your lap. You wrapped your arms around her to hold her close and let yourself be pulled into a deep kiss. You eventually had to pull back to be able to catch your breath.

"Such a lovely kisser. I have no idea how I managed to get you." She reached over to grab her glass and held it up in the air as a toast. "To us. To new beginnings." You held yours up as well, knocking it against hers. You drank yours and watch as she took a sip of hers.

You watched as she realized what you had done. She tried getting off of your lap but your arms held her down. Before you knew it, she had passed out and let her body rest against yours.

You took the liberty to carry her towards her bedroom and went back downstairs to cook dinner. An hour later, you could hear her signature heels going down the stairs. You turned around to face the entrance to the kitchen to find her looking at you with a shy look. "You can come in. I don't mind." She smiled and made her way over to you. Hugging you from behind as she watched you prepare dinner. "I'm sorry about what happened. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It's okay. You weren't yourself. What manners now is that you're yourself." You turned around to be able to kiss her properly. Things got heated and eventually you pulled away before things got too far for the kitchen. "Now lets eat. I'm starving and you must be as well."

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