You/Kara Danvers

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Summary: You start to work for Catco. Kara is assigned to show you around the workplace.

You weren't expecting a call from the magazine. Your interview had gone horribly wrong and continued to mess up on many of the things they asked you on. Not wanting for them to check if they had made a mistake, you agreed go come in the next day for a tour.

There was a blonde holding up a sign with your name on it as you exited out of the elevator.


She asked as you approached her.

"That would be me. I got you coffee. I'm not sure how you got it so here's some sugar and milk packets."

"You didn't have to but thank you."

Kara took both things and poured them on her drink. She took your hand and led you to her office.

"So this is my office. For the moment, you'll be shadowing me and once I see that you're getting the handle on things, we can work on getting your own space."

She went on to explain in detail what her week would be on and was kind enough to point out which days would be the easiest and which ones would be the ones that would be exhausting. By the time she finished explaining, it was already lunch time.

"I got us food. You don't mind if we eat here, right?"

She asked as someone had come to deliver a large amount of food.

"Is this for other people?"

You weren't judging but that was a large amount of food. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink and she shook her head.

"Uh no. These are for me. I have to eat a large amount of food to keep up with my metabolism. I work out a lot."

This made you check her out and caused you to blush as you could definitely tell that she worked out. It didn't help that Kara cleared her throat to signal that she had caught you starring.

"I'm sorry. We should eat so we can continue with the day."

Happy with you answer, she gave you various food options and handed you what you picked. The two of you shared a lot of information about each other that you were sure that she told you some things that she never disclosed to anyone. You could tell that the two of you had great chemistry.

You were proved to be right when a couple of weeks later, Kara decided to ask you out. It wasn't unexpected considering that she would do things that showed she had feelings for you. She would occasionally bring you flowers, breakfast and even lunch. You were the same with her.

She picked you up for the date and took you to a little restaurant that you would have never gone to if it weren't for her. You really enjoyed your time with her that you were disappointed when she said that she had an emergency but would love if you could continue another time. With a quick kiss to your lips, she paid for the food and headed out of the restaurant.

Later at night, you heard a knock at your door and when you went to go open it, you found flowers with chocolate that had a note attached that explained what had happened. You sent a message to Kara telling her that you understand and was looking forward to your next date.

A few streets down your house, a lot of people took pictures of Supergirl doing some sort of dance in the air.

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