You/Kara Danvers - Red Kryptonite Part 1

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Summary: Kara is infected by the red kryptonite

AN: Suggested by: JennyHoneyBunny

Kara had been acting strange for the past couple of days and you swore that her veins would occasionally glow red. You tried talking to her at times but she just distracted you with a kiss and then taking care of you depending as to where you were. Kara tended to be quite shy about anything sex related so it was quite strange that she suddenly wanted to do things in public. You brought it up one time but she just claimed that she wanted to try something new.

The weekly game night had been held at Kara's place as last time Lena had hosted. You came over to her apartment early to help her setup and make sure that she didn't eat the food that she bought for everyone else. It didn't seem to be a problem as Kara was too busy giving death glares to practically everyone.

"Kara! I need to talk to you."

You dragged her to the bathroom and closed the door behind you. She took it as an opportunity to start kissing you again. Yo had at first let her kiss you but stopped her as both of your friends were outside.

"Kara. Stop. Kara!"

You eventually got her off of you after pushing her as hard as you could. It was like pushing a brick wall.

"What's going on? Why are you acting like this?"

"Like what? I can't kiss my girlfriend." She pouted, knowing full well how much it would get you to do anything for her.

You forced yourself to turn around and head out of the door.

"Don't come out until you've fixed that attitude of yours."

You left her inside the bathroom and went to sit down in the middle of Lena and Maggie, knowing that Kara would want to be handsy with everyone watching.

If looks could kill, Lena and Maggie would be dead right now. They tried to cheer Kara up but it didn't seem to work. Whatever was going on with Kara, it was making her act quite possessive of you.

"Kara, come on. You can last a couple of hours without kissing your girlfriend."

"Really Maggie? Then I would appreciate it if you stopped shoving down your hand down my sisters pants when you think no one is looking."

This alarmed Alex. Kara would have never said anything like this.

"Kara! What's the matter with you? Maggie was only trying to cheer you up."

"Yeah, I would just appreciate it if she would keep her hands to herself. Let's not forget the fact that she cheated on her girlfriend with you."

"That's it. We're leaving. Don't bother calling us until you apologize to Maggie."

"Good. I'm not going to."

Alex didn't say another word as she led Maggie out of the apartment. Everyone was too shocked to say anything.

"Come on. Lets play charades. I call (y/n) as my partner."

Lena was already pulling out a notebook to write down the points and group names for everyone.

"Now I have to worry about you too? You need to get the hint that she doesn't want you Lena. She told me all about your little crush on her and I would appreciate it if you tried not to swoop in whenever I didn't keep an eye on her."

"Kara! That was incredibly rude. That was such a long time ago. You know Lena is my best friend."

Kara continued glaring at Lena, making her uncomfortable.

"I should go. I have a lot of work tomorrow."

Lena didn't bother to wait for a reply from either of you as she headed out of the apartment. She was upset but knew Kara didn't mean anything that she was saying. Something was going on with her, she needed to talk to Alex.

Everyone followed Lena out, not really wanting to get in the middle of things.

"What the hell Kara?! They are our friends."

She stood up making her way to sit besides you.

"Are they? I could see how they were practically waiting to jump on the chance to be with you. I'm only making sure they don't do anything."

You rolled your eyes at her reasoning, it was incredibly stupid.

"Maggie is dating Alex. You know, your sister. Lena has been going out on dates with that Sam girl. No one is planning on swopping in to steal me away from you."

She sighs, gently pushing you on the floor. She straddled your waist, raising your hands above your head to keep them there.

"I can't take any chances, you're mine."

Kara had leaned down to whisper beside your ear before moving down to kiss your neck, gently sucking on your pulse point to leave a mark. You were helpless and you couldn't get her off of you but it's not like you wanted to. Kara was always so gentle when it came to kissing you or doing anything other than kisses. This was a surprising change. You had forgotten for a second what had just happen a few minutes ago and let yourself enjoy Kara's touches.

Alex and Lena had been discussing what had happened back at Kara's apartment. They had no idea what could have affected Kara other than possibly being infected by kryptonite but it wasn't clearly the green one. After a few calls to Superman, both of them learned Kara had been infected with red kryptonite. He would have come over to help Kara with it but he was taking care of an alien. He gave Alex the antidote, making sure to warn her that Kara could be quite dangerous and see everyone as a threat.

With Superman's warning in mind, Alex and Lena made the cure and packed it into tiny darts to hand out to the squad. Everyone was suited up and headed back to Kara's apartment to give her the cure. They barged in to find her on top of you, still leaving marks on you.

Kara turned around to face the door to see who had barged in but before she could do anything, Alex had shot her with the dart. They could see something red in the air leave out of Kara's body before she fell down on top of you.

"What's going on?"

"Kara has a lot of explaining to do but I need you to come with me."

Lena helped you stand up, leading you to an unmarked vehicle.

"Lena, what's going on? Why did Alex shoot her own sister."

Lena bit her lip and debated with herself if she should really be the one to answer it.

"Kara was affected by red kryptonite"

"Kryptonite? Why would that affect her? She's not Supergirl."

This made you laugh but the serious expression Lena had, told you everything that you needed to know. Kara is Supergirl.

The last thing you remember before passing out was Lena calling out your name.


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