You/Katie McGrath

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Summary: One night stand

AN: Suggested by: lmaodrag15

You had been invited by Nicole to one of her parties that she hosted at the start of the season. You met her through another party and the two of you hit it off. She was a great friend and the two of you had a lot in common. The two of you were incredibly close that both of you tried to set each other up with other people

"(Y/n), you made it. I was beginning to think you weren't going to make it."

She pulled you in for a hug and led you to the kitchen where she served you a drink.

"I wouldn't miss my best friends party. I have traveled much further for other things."

"I know. I can't believe you flew across the states because you wanted to hook up with this girl."

"It was totally worth it and you won't change my mind."

She soon excused herself to greet her other guests and you decided to walk around and eventually moved over to dance with one of Nicole's friend. The songs got much more provocative and so did the dancing. After the music had ended, the two of you headed upstairs to find a bedroom.

The next morning you woke up, undressed and cuddled up to the woman you had slept with. You slowly disentangled yourself from her to avoid waking her up but she was apparently a light sleeper as she started to wake up.

"Morning, what time is"

"It's 9am."

"Shit, shit! I'm late to work. I told Nicole to stop having these parties on Sundays! Why didn't she wake me up?"

You didn't say anything as you put your clothes from last night as well.

"You didn't happen to bring your own car, right?"

"Oh uh. I did. Did you want me to give you a ride?"

"Yeah. That'll be great. I know this is not a usual thing but it'll take much longer if I wait for an uber or something. I'll even buy you breakfast. Give me your number and I'll give you a call when I'm free."

You gave her your number and then led her to your car to drive her to work.

"I didn't catch your name. I'm (y/n)."

"Katie. I really have to go, thanks again for the ride and last night. You were amazing."

You waved her off and headed back to your apartment. You were just about to lay down and get some more sleep when you got a call from Nicole. You ignored it, figuring out it wasn't anything important. When your phone rang again, you felt back and picked it up, figuring it might have been an emergency.

"What the hell! You slept with Katie!?"

You winced and pulled the phone away from your ear.

"And what about it?"

"She's my Katie. You know my other best friend that always talk to you about."

"It was consensual and she was aware it was just a one time thing so there's no hard feelings."

"It better. I don't want to choose sides and I know how you are."

"I'm not going to hurt Katie. She seems fun."

She hung up after as she had to go back to filming. You went back to falling asleep as you were still so exhausted. You can't imagine how Katie is at the moment.

You never did get a call from Katie for breakfast but you would always get late night calls to come over to her apartment. Never one to decline these calls, you would always come over. Even if you weren't in the same city, Katie would buy you a plane ticket to come over.

At first it had been plane tickets but then you would randomly get packages of lingerie, clothes and jewelry that she wanted you to wear. You gracefully accepted her gifts and would wear them whenever you would come over to visit her. She really liked to spoil you. You tried doing the same to her but she refused your gifts. Saying that she preferred to spoil you.

You didn't mind the gifts but your absolute favorite thing was stealing her shirts. You were pretty sure you were sneaky about it as she never told you anything about them.

You actually didn't expect fo this to continue for so long, even less for her to spoil you with all those things. But it certainly wasn't a bad thing. Sometimes you would stay much longer and would actually hang out with Katie. Doing things that the two of you enjoyed and you didn't mind as you really liked spending time with her.

It had been one of those rare times where Katie had decided to catch you off guard and come over to visit you at your place. You weren't expecting for her to be knocking when you opened the door so you never bothered to change out of her shirt.

"Is that my shirt?"

"Hey, long time no seeing you. How are you? Please come in."

She rolled her eyes knowing you were doing it to avoid answering her questions.

"Fine. It is your shirt. I'm surprised it took you so long to realize that I had been taking some of your things."

"Oh. I did notice. I just never told you because I liked the thought of you wearing them."

"What are you doing here? Not that I'm not excited for you to come over and stuff but I thought you would still be filming."

"I was but I finished early and I have the day off tomorrow. I thought it would've been fun to surprise you."

"It was certainly a nice surprise."

"I'm actually here for another reason."

She took a deep breath and took both of your hands. It had been so long since she had developed feelings for someone. Much less developing feelings for her friend with benefits.

"Please don't say anything until I'm done with my speech." She waited for you to promise before continuing. "At first, I thought this was just going to be a purely bedroom thing. I never expected for me to actually want something else from you. I don't know if you started feeling the same way about me but I really like you (y/n). I want to do all those couple things I would complain to you at night and celebrate all those made up holidays with you. I know it's childish to ask but would you be my girlfriend?"

You smiled and pulled her in for a kiss, wrapping your arms around her neck to keep her close.

"I thought you would never ask. I want to do all that cliche stuff with you too. We should really tell Nicole about this as I keep getting threatened by her."


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