You/Katie McGrath

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Summary: You've hired to become Lena's love interest

You were excited about this new job your manager had managed to hear about. She knew how much you loved the show and your crush on actress that played Lena. This was honestly the best thing that had happened to you. Sure, the audition was a complete mess but Katie was an angel. She helped you stand up and made sure you were okay after you had tripped when you noticed her

It was your first day on set and you were nervous. You didn't know anyone and Katie wasn't anyone on the set.

"She tends to be late."

You hear to your side. You turned to find the show's lead, Melissa. "Oh! I wasn't looking for her." She gave you a look that made you think that you weren't fooling her. The two of you introduced yourself and began to talk as the crew set up for the scene.

You never believed in any of those silly love at first sight stories but it was clear what you were experiencing. You couldn't help but return a smile when you noticed her looking at you. It made you nervous and it didn't help that you were soon being filmed for your first scene.

It was a complete disaster. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. You forgot your lines, kept tripping and missed your cues. It wasn't until the director decided to approach the scene a different way and that's what made things worst. Your character was meant to be a rival CEO that had moved into town. You had meant to play your first scene with her as someone confident and a complete bitch but what you played was the opposite. You were nervous and could hardly look her in the eye. She was so kind to you as she helped you deal with your nerves. After a couple of tries, the director was happy with the scene.

"So what happened out there?" Katie asks after the crew began to move to the next set.

"I'm not quite sure. I'm usually so professional in these kinds of things." You blushed brightly at the realization that it might have sounded like you were bragging.

"Don't worry about it. It happens to the best of us. Now come on. We have more scenes to film."

The rest of the episodes you had appeared in had gone much better. You finally had gotten confident enough to play the character like you were suppose to and everyone loved the new pairing.

You and Katie had gotten much closer as the end of the season approached and as much as you wanted to. You still hadn't asked her out on a date. The other cast and crew made fun of you for it as it was obvious that you liked her.
You still weren't quite sure how Katie never noticed but you didn't want to mess with that.

"Could I talk to you?" Katie asks you after you were about to head back to your trailer. "Sure, is here fine?" She looked around to make sure no one was paying attention and then nodded.

"I've been waiting for the past couple of weeks for you to ask me out and I still haven't heard a thing from you." You were about to say something but then she held up a finger. "Not until I'm done." You zipped your lips and threw away the key, smiling as she laughed at your actions. "(Y/n), I like you a lot. Every time we go out for dinner, I end up just wishing it was an actual date." She takes a deep breath. "Would you? I mean would you actually like to go out on a date with me?" You were just about to say yes when you heard the question being answered for you. The two of you turned around to find most of the cast and crew looking at you. You weren't sure who had answered it but you smiled and nodded at her to confirm it.

"Finally! I was this close to forcing the writers to write a scene like this." You hear Melissa yell.

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