You/Natasha Romanoff - Interrogation Part 2

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Summary: You get hurt 

Prompt by: Minnii_Canary 

You were currently laying on the dirty floor of a factory, in pain, with no way to get yourself out. The guy that had contracted you to take care of his bomb issue, stabbed you in the back, literally and then shot your leg to keep you from running after him.

You couldn't help but laugh as you realized you were going to die and there was nothing you could do about it. You were losing blood too quickly and there was no one around you that could help you. So instead of crawling around for something to stop the bleeding, you just closed your eyes and waited patiently for the darkness to take over.

Natasha had gotten word about you being at this particular factory for some bomb related thing. She had been assigned to watch over you, gathering evidence to take you down but it was difficult to do so as you were always one step ahead and by the time Natasha would get there, you would disappear. 

It's why she was surprised when she found you on the floor, with most of your blood on the floor and your eyes closed. Her eyes widened in panic and rushed over to you to check if you had a pulse. 

"Nat? Did you find anything?"

Thor asked through the comms. He hadn't heard her check-in so he got worried.

"Do you need back up?"

Natasha had two choices, either let you die or bring you in and hope the team would heal you up.

"I do. I found her, stabbed and shot. She needs medical attention."

"On it."

The warmth of her hand made your eyes flutter awake, despite you being on the brink of passing  out again. 

"Are you an angel?"

Natasha can't help but be relieved when you open your eyes.

"Unfortunately, no. Stay with me. I'm not going to lose you."

You close your eyes with a smile.

"I knew you cared about me Nat."

Just then, Thor came in with a couple of agents to help her take you back to the headquarters. Natasha refused to leave you alone so they brought her along. 

You were taken inside a surgery room to deal with the bullet and knife as well at the blood loss. While you were inside, Natasha was just pacing up and down the waiting room. She always hated to wait, especially when it came about hearing news of a loved one. Realization, struck and she forced herself to say over and over again that she just didn't want to let you die. She couldn't in good conscious leave you to die and she kept repeating it until the doctors led her to the room you were currently locked in.

You woke up a couple of hours later to find her on one of the chairs, reading something on a tablet.

"Seriously, did I die?"

Natasha rolled her eyes and put the tablet done.

"No, you idiot. What makes you say that?"

"Well for one, you actually saved me and second of all, I am pretty sure that you brought me to the Avenger headquarters. No one knows about this place so that means I must be pretty special for you to risk you ass in bringing me here."

"You're a fugitive. We'll be locking you in here until we figure out what to do with you."

You raised your hand to grab the cup of water but was stopped by the handcuffs that had you locked down.

"I knew you were into some kinky shit."

Natasha had bottled everything in. She had been devastated when she found you laying on the ground and then worried as hell when you were being operated on and to hear and see that you were just making it into a big joke made her angry.

"You almost died, (y/n)! How can you be making jokes when you were minutes away from taking your last breath."

You wanted to follow up with a joke but one look at her and you realized that it wouldn't be a good idea. 

"Nat, I don't know what you want me to say. I've come to peace with the fact that my job has an occupational hazard."

"For starters, you could say that you'll quit. That you won't go back to that life. That you'll turn yourself around and try to improve."

You wanted to reach over and wipe her tears away but found it impossible to do so while being locked down.

"It's who I am. I've been like this for years. I can't just quit cold turkey. Why do you even care so much? Last time we saw each other, you were getting ready to end my life."

Natasha stepped back and wiped her tears away. She felt dumb for letting her emotions take control.

"You'll be transported to your cell in a couple of days."

She said before leaving and locking the door behind her.


You struggled against the handcuffs, wishing they would just snap off.  You didn't care how much it hurt as you moved. You needed to talk to her, tell her how you felt.


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