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Summary: A day at the amusement park

AN: Suggested by: MythicalBitch20

Angelina and you had promised the kids to take them to the amusement park at the end of the summer. Both you and your wife had such busy schedules that neither of you had a lot of time to spend with the kids.

With the summer ending and school right around the corner, both of you made some time to take them.

"Mom! Mommy! Wake up, we gotta hurry. You promised we'll head out early." Vivienne along with Knox had jumped on both of you to get you to wake up.

"We'll be up in a minute. Just give us some time to get ready." She managed to get the two out of the room to give the two of you some privacy.

Angelina made sure that the door was locked before straddling your waist, leaning down to kiss you as you had still yet to wake up.

"Come on, honey. We promised the kids we'll take them to the park."

You groaned loudly, trying to bury your face on the pillow but you couldn't as she was on top of you. All you could hear was her trying to cover up her laugh as she watched you struggle to turn around. This family would be the death of you and you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

"Okay, okay. I'm up."

She kissed you one last time, getting off of you so you could start getting ready for the day. Knowing how long it would take for you to get ready, she laid out an outfit for you. She was sitting on the bed as you got out of the bathroom after washing up.

"Come on. We need to beat the rest of the crowd. You know how crazy it still tends to be even though we have exclusive access."

You rolled your eyes at her and threw the shirt you had taken off to prove a point.

"Just a sec."

Within minutes and you had changed into the outfit she had gotten for you. The two of you headed downstairs to start breakfast together so it wouldn't take as long as it usually would. A family of 8, ate a lot and there was a lot of cooking that needed to be done.

An hour later and the entire family had climbed inside the car to head to the park. Since it was early in the morning, there wasn't a lot of traffic and managed to arrive at the park before it was opened up.

The older kids split up from the group and decided to go on their own to avoid being crowded if anyone recognized either of you. As much as the youngest kids wanted to go with them, you and Angelina didn't think they would pay attention to them to make sure they didn't stray away.

You and Angelina held hands while the kids guided you to various of the roller coasters they were able to ride on. At first you didn't want to get on any of them, claiming that you were too afraid but after much pleading from your wife and kids, you joined them in. Angelina held your hand and never complained about you holding on it too tight from how scared you were.

Once you all had rode on the rollercoaster, everyone headed towards the gift shops to buy souvenirs and some of the photos from the rides. You were thankful for thinking of bringing a backpack to hold everything they wanted to buy since you knew neither of you could say no when it came to them wanting things. Angelina finally noticed it was getting quite heavy and eventually told the kids that they wouldn't be able to buy anymore.

The kids of course got a little annoyed and would have started to complain but they stopped when you offered to buy them food. You liked spoiling them and hated having them complain about things. You were just grateful that they never actually behaved liked spoiled brats.

Everyone was full after eating dinner at one of the restaurants and decided to just walk around the park to be able to stop feeling full from the food. The older kids met up with you two and took the youngest kids to take them to go see one of the concerts they would set up at the end of the day. You thanked them for taking care of them and took your wife to grab a drink. No one recognized either of you and you were happy about it. It was nice having to sit down in public and get a drink without anyone bothering you.

The whole family was back on the car an hour later to head back to the house. Before heading to bed, both Knox and Vivienne hugged you and Angelina. Thanking you for taking them to the park.

"We should do this more often. Everyone had fun and no one seemed to notice us with all the people in the crowd."

The two of you were already in bed, just talking about how the day had gone. You cuddled up besides her, closing your eyes.

"Maybe we should go for a vacation. The kids would love that since we're always so busy."

"We'll talk about it in the morning. You're practically already asleep."

You didn't get to hear her last words as you had fallen asleep.


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