You/Olivia Benson - 19 Years Later

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Summary: You join the team

Prompt by: MythicalBitch20

You had the biggest crush on Olivia ever since you met her because of Alex. You did anything you could to be able to spend time with her and they all thought it was cute. You tried brushing off their comments that you liked her and would always decline whenever they even hinted about your crush on her.

But of course, your sister knew. She knew everything about you. She had come in to your room, late on night and how told you that it wasn't a good idea to be pining after Olivia due to her job and most importantly because of the entire age difference. 

That of course, didn't stop you. You told Olivia cheesy pickup lines just to get her to laugh and tried any lame attempts to flirt with her. You played it all off as a joke but you secretly hoped that one day it could turn into something else.

But it never happened. Much less when you got word that your sister had been killed. You didn't know it at the time but she had been put in Witness Protection. As much as Alex wanted to tell you, she couldn't risk her life.

After the loss of your sister, you figured it would be a good idea to follow into similar footsteps as her. You began to investigate on becoming a police officer and soon enrolled into the academy within a few weeks. 

You progressed through the ranks pretty quickly. Everyone in your department was impressed about the amount of work and effort you did and so you were promoted pretty often. 

As you were working your way through the ranks, you began to start your family as well. You had wanted to wait until you got married but as the years passed by, you knew it was better to just be a single mom. At such a young age, you had become a mother to two wonderful kids and had been named detective. 

For your promotion as detective, you had been assigned to the SVU unit, not really knowing that your crush of a couple of years ago was still working there. Imagine your surprise on the first day when you come into work and find her at her new desk.


It had been so long since she heard that name, that she had first imagine it when you said it out loud. You repeated yourself again, making her look up.

"(Y/n)? I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your name."

She stood up, giving you a hug.

"It's so good to see you. You look amazing."

"As do you. I didn't think you were even interested in becoming a detective."

"I wasn't. It was after the whole thing with my sister happened."

She sighed and took a seat, motioning for you to take a seat as well.

"I'm truly sorry about your sister. I had been trying to get in contact with you since it happened but you just disappeared."

"I couldn't stick around. I just had to get out."

The two of you continued talking about what the two of you had gone through and what you were both up to now.

"Congrats on the promotions. I would've sent you a small gift, had I know that you were being promoted at least once a year. I'm impressed."

"Oh please. I doubt you would have. You wanted to stay hidden and sending an unmarked package would not have been a good idea."

"I guess you're right. I really am happy for you Olivia."

"Thank you. I am happy for you as well. I heard you're a mother too."

"Not to be one of those moms but I am a proud mother of two little girls."

You were both soon interrupted as a case had come up.

"I have to go. Duty calls. But I would love to catch up with you. Maybe over dinner?"

"Dinner sounds lovely."

It wasn't really a dinner. The two of you hardly even got to catch up. When she had come over, both of you just started making out with each other and had soon progressed to other things.

"So maybe breakfast tomorrow?"

You asked her as the two of you laid down in bed, undressed, as she held you. 


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