You/Earth-X Kara Danvers - Captured

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Summary: She takes you as her prisoner 

AN: So sorry for the hiatus. Had a busy week. 

Prompt by: Brienanas

You knew you were stupid for sneaking in and following Supergirl and her team to the warehouse but you couldn't help yourself. You had been training for months and they refused to take you out on the mission so when you overheard the plan to take them down at this particular location, you jumped on your bike and followed them.

Everything was going well. It looked like the team was actually going to win but then Metallo came and fucked everything up. You and the teams woke up to a device strapped to your necks that kept them from using your powers and therefore stopping any chances from escape. 

"You better have a damn good reason to even be here, (y/n)."

Alex whispered to you angrily when she noticed you sitting besides her.

"I just wanted to help."

"You could have been helping back at the DEO. Now look at where we are now? Who is going to help us?"

Kara was feeling weak from being exposed to the kryptonite and didn't want to deal with the two of you arguing. 

"Alex, quit it. She's here now. No point in getting mad at her. As for you, (y/n), don't think you're off the hook. You disobeyed orders."

You were ready to defend yourself but that's when the evil doppelgängers of Kara, Barry and Oliver came out. It was weird to see them act so... evil. You weren't paying attention to what they were saying as you kept staying at Kara's evil twin. There was something about her that you found her to be extremely attractive. She looked exactly liked the nice Kara but there was definitely something different. It could have been the lipstick or it could have been the way the suit looked or it might have even been the way she was acting but you couldn't look away. 

Kara's evil twin had noticed you stare at her for the better part of her speech. It intrigued her to see you so interested in her so when she separated everyone, she took you and Kara with her.

You weren't sure how long you've been in this cell but if you could guess it would be around a week from the daily meals you would get. It was pure torture not knowing, where and when you were or even were your friends were. You tried everything to get them to come in but nothing work and you were getting impatient.


You yelled to the camera hoping someone would hear and answer you. It was a long shot but it was definitely better than just sitting around and doing nothing. 

Kara's evil twin just watched, amused, that you were doing literally anything to entertain yourself. She found it weird that she oddly found you adorable. Ever since she had been told that she would be dying soon, she had been focused on finding another way to heal herself that she never stepped back from her goal. It was exhausting dealing with her general duties and even worse now that she has been on a mission to find a way to prevent her death. Taking a step back to watch you for her amusement was nice. 

"What kind of deal did you have in mind?"

You jumped at the sound of the voice from the top. You didn't even know that they could do that.

"Why don't you come in here and find out?"

"Now why would I do that? You must think I'm stupid if you're seriously thinking that I'll go in with you."

"You're Overgirl. I'm guessing that you have the same powers as the other Kara so you could literally kill me within seconds."

There was just silence for the next couple of minutes and suddenly the door that was used to feed you open, revealing Overgirl.

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