You/Lena Luthor - Break up Part 2

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Summary: Continuation from part 1

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You knew that you had taken it to the extreme. You couldn't stand being in the same city that had a tall skyscraper that held the logo to the company that robbed you from your time with Lena. Kara had wanted you to stay, claiming that it wasn't a good a idea and that you might come to regret but you had your mind set, being in the same city as Lena was not good for you.

Two weeks later and you had found the perfect apartment in Gotham. It was certainly a big change from the sunny National City but it had to be done. You couldn't have anything around you that remind you of her and it was perfect as instead of having the large L-Corp logo, the Wayne logo was proudly displayed in the tallest skyscraper.

Kara had been an angel throughout the entire ordeal. She never once mentioned Lena and you never bothered to ask her about it. It was especially nice of her to travel from city to city to come visit you. You knew she was piled up with work and yet she still decided to take her time to come visit you.

"She's miserable."


Kara seemed to rethink what she had said. She wanted go ignore the whole thing and make it seem like she had said something else but enough was enough. She couldn't keep going back and forth between the two idiots. She was Supergirl and didn't have time to deal with dumb things like these.

"Lena. She's miserable and she misses you."

You sigh and shake your head.

"No. She's like that because she now has no one to wait on her beck and call."

Kara rolled her eyes, they might be geniuses but they were certainly idiots when it came to figuring things out.

"She's hired a COO and is actually coming home on time. Mainly to mope around but she's been coming home at 5 everyday. She misses you and the only reason why she's not out on the first flight to come see you is because I haven't told her where you decide to move. Frankly, I think she would even make Supergirl bring her out here when she realizes that you decided to move into the most dangerous city of America."

This left you speechless. Kara had been so understanding about the whole thing that her outburst was a shock to you.

Kara realized what she had said and started to backtrack.

"No, Kara. You're right. We shouldn't have put you in the middle of all this. We're both adults. If we want to deal with this then we need to talk. I'll talk to her."

Kara left soon after her speech. You decided it was time to talk to Lena. You sent her a message with her address and waited.

Lena had not expected to ever receive a message from you. She had come to accept that she might not see you again that this a surprise to her. The address confused her but then she soon realized it was the new apartment that you had now lived in.

She didn't want to wait another minute as she called Supergirl to take her to you. Supergirl almost seemed happy with herself as she dropped her off. It made her a little suspicious but now wasn't the time to figure out what that meant. Lena headed inside and knocked at your door.



You moved to the side so she could come in.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."

The two of you said at the same time that you couldn't help but smile. You missed this.

Lena shook her head.

"I'm the one who should be sorry. I wasn't the one who listened nor even bothered to do what you had asked after you had talked to me. None of this would have happened if I would have just listened to what you were saying and I'm sorry."

"It's alright Lena. Kara told me what you had been doing and I'm happy. Shows me that you're willing to work on what you refused to while we were together."

She smiled and nodded.

"I am. I want you back, (y/n). I miss you. Please forgive me for ruining things."

You stood up and moved to sit besides her, gently cupping her cheek to kiss her. You gently bit her lip as you pulled back from the kiss.

"If you ever miss dinner without giving me a heads up. I'll make sure to remind you why it won't be a good idea. Maybe you need a little more than a talk."

"I promise not to go back to the way things were."

"Good. Now lets go home. It's too dark for me. I've lost my tan already."


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