You/Morgana Pendragon - Revival Part 1

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Summary: You save Morgana from Merlin

AN: Prompt by: FoscaCooman

Camelot was not tolerant of many things. Homosexuality and magic were the things that were frowned upon and if anyone had been caught doing either of those things, they would be sentenced to death.

You weren't sure how exactly you and Morgana had begun to see each other. You were a simple farmer's daughter and would only head into Camelot to buy food whenever there wasn't enough for your family. You had began to go to various tournaments to enjoy the entertainment but after seeing Morgana on one occasion, you began to only come for her.

The tournament was of no importance to you and simply admired Morgana from afar. You didn't want to draw attention to yourself but apparently Morgana had also been paying attention to you.

You gasped loudly feeling someone take a hold of your arm to turn you around.

"Why do you stare at me so often?"

She had the most mesmerizing eyes you had ever seen and seeing them so close, made you lose yourself in them.

"I'm speaking to you."

"I'm sorry, Lady Morgana, but I couldn't help myself. You're just so beautiful."

She hadn't been expecting this answer from what you could tell. The grip on your arm loosened and this gave you the opportunity to leave before she realized what she had done.

Morgana couldn't get you out of her head. The nightmares she would get at night at shifted into dreams of you in them. Kissing and doing various things that she shouldn't even be thinking of. After various night like this, she decided to search for you.

"Don't move. I need to talk to you."

You hear one day on your way back to your farm.

"I've been having dreams of you and I can't understand for the life of me why."

You turned around to face her properly and jumped back after noticing how close she was to you. She took another step forward and gently cupped your took to look up at her.

"One of my theories is because you're beauty is hard to forget. My dreams included a lot of kissing and I've been dying to get one."

She leaned down and pulled you in for a kiss. It was everything that you had been waiting for ever since you saw her at the tournament.

Since then, the two of you have been inseparable. Morgana had 'hired' you to be her personal maid. It allowed you to spend the entire day with her and no one ever questioned the two of you.

Morgana had never been in love. She thought love was a might and never considered being able to find her other half. Days and nights were spent together. With every minute spent together, the deeper the two of you fell in love. Your love for one another was so deep that the two of you would die for the other.

A few months after finding each other, Morgana had proposed to you. She was happier than you had ever seen her. You would soon be her wife, she had found her sister and the crown would soon be hers.

During those months, Morgana had started to resent the fact that Uther was cruel to many. He killed innocent people only for the sole reason that they had practiced magic. She knew if they ever found out about you and her magic, he wouldn't hesitate to execute her. Finding her sister was a blessing. She knew Morgana's true identity and began to help her find a way to take back the crown.

After many weeks of planning to take over Camelot, it was finally time for Morgana to claim her crown. Morgause had released a cursed that made many fall asleep along with the Knights of Medhir. These knights took down the rest of the kingdom, searching for Uther in order to kill him.

You and Morgana were well aware of the plan that Morgause had enacted but had to play the part of innocent women trying to survive as Arthur and Merlin risked their lives to keep the two of you alive.

Merlin had begun to act strange and you knew he was up to something but you weren't sure of what. It wasn't until the three of you had been locked inside the throne room that you realized what he wanted to do. He kept insisting for Morgana to drink his water and you knew right then and there what he wanted to do.

Not wanting for her to drink, you grabbed his pouch and drank it all the way. The poison was acting rather quickly as you began to cough and then start gasping trying to breathe. Merlin soon realized his mistake and tried to help you but Morgana pushed him aside as she desperately tried to help you. You tried telling her that you loved her but it was useless, you couldn't speak. You were fading away until finally your body gave out.

Morgana felt helpless, she held on to you as you tried to breathe. She tried to figure out a way to help you but it was useless. You were gone before her eyes.

She was furious. Anger coursed through her body as she yelled a high pitch scream that broke all the windows and forced Merlin to cover his ears.

"You've stolen the only person that I ever loved from me. I won't let you get away with this and I'll make sure you suffer more than she did."

She whispered a spell and allowed her to teleport to a small cabin with your body. She gently laid you to rest on the table and finally allowed herself to cry.


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