You/Chloe Decker

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Summary: Your father is Lucifer

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You knew from the very beginning that you weren't like the others. You knew your father kept things from you, important things that would let you know who you were and until he confessed what he hid, you had no idea why you felt different.

It was the wings that revealed everything. It had been a long, torturous process that you wished that he had told you about before it happened. You left soon after and never heard from him for a couple of years until he came looking for Chloe.

You grabbed his arm and led him to one of the interrogation rooms that weren't being used.

"What are you doing here? Did you come here on purpose, father?"

"Father? I haven't heard that in so long. How have you been, sweetheart?"

You felt bad hearing him say that and went ahead and answered him.

"I've been well. I can see that you've been doing as well."

He gives you a smile and smoothed down his coat.

"Haven't I always been? I'm actually here to look for Chloe Decker. You might know her she's a homicide detective."

"Yes, I heard you the first time but why?"

"Oh. Don't be so ridiculous. I came here to help you. No daughter of mine is going to be struggling on telling the girl they like that they want to take them out on a date."

"It's been years since we've seen each other and the first thing you want to do is set me up on a date?"

"Why yes. Is that so hard to believe. My time is limited so we need to hurry."

He started walking around, getting answers from the other detectives about the whereabouts of Chloe.

"Ah there she is. She sure is perfect for you. The two of you will make a gorgeous couple."

He walked over before you could stop him and tapped her shoulder.

"Hello there. You must be Chloe Decker."

She looked over at you in question. Trying to figure out what the strange man wanted.

"He's my father. Um Lucifer Morningstar."

"That is my god given name. So Detective Decker, I have such a limited time here on so I need to make this quick. My daughter here, has been in love with you for the past couple of months. She's not like me and refuses to say anything about it, afraid that you'll reject her. SO what do you say? Will you go out on a date with her?"

She's taken aback by how forward he is and looks over to you again, making sure that she heard correctly.

"I would prefer for her to ask me, if you don't mind."

He smiles and takes a step back to watch the two of you.

"Would you go out on a date with me?"

"I would love to."

"Excellent! My job here is done. I must go now."

"Go? Where are you going"

"Back to hell, of course. I'm leaving you as my legacy. You can take care of yourself and you have someone to help guide you. You don't need me anymore."

He started walking out of the station with you and Chloe following close behind. He eventually stopped at an empty alley. I door suddenly opened and before he stepped in, he turned around to face you.

"I've made a lot of mistakes in my life but you're not one of them. Don't listen to anyone that ever says anything else besides that. You're my kin and I love you, (y/n). And you." He turned to face Chloe. "Hurt her and I will go through the gates of hell to make you wish that you never did.

Chloe nodded, still a little amazed at what she was seeing. She had fallen in love with you months ago but had also been afraid of you rejecting her. She wouldn't hurt you.

"Very well then. I must go."

He stepped inside the portal and he was gone. It didn't take long for you to break down and fall on your knees. Chloe held on to you as you mumbled about how you should have been a better daughter to him. He loved you and you just pushed him away because he kept something from you that he thought would keep you safe.

"I know he'll be back. He'll hate to see you like this, (y/n). From what I can tell, Lucifer knew that you could handle yourself. Now you have to prove to him that you can."

Wiping away you tears, you stood up and pulled her in for a kiss.

"You're right. He believed in me and I'll make sure to show him that I'm doing well."

Lucifer smiled when he popped in to see the two of you enjoyed a romantic evening in one of the most exclusives restaurants in town. Courtesy of him, of course. Nothing but the best for his daughter.


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