You/Kara Danvers - Red Kryptonite Part 2

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Summary: You and Kara are dating 

AN: Everyone pretend that James does not know that Kara is Supergirl but he knows that the reader has the powers as Supergirl 

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551

It had been an amazing month with Kara. She was honestly the best girlfriend you could ever ask her. You never even thought once about Lena nor had you seen her again and you were glad. Glad that you were no longer affected by what she had done.

Kara being the romantic woman that she was, had decided to bring you to your favorite restaurant for your one month anniversary. You argued with her that you were more than okay with going to Kara's favorite restaurant but she insisted that you could both go another day. There was no point in arguing since Kara was quite insistent so you began to get ready.

A few hours later and Kara picked you up at your place to drive you to the restaurant.

"Thank you again for bringing me here."

You tell Kara as the two of you sit down at your table.

"(y/n), you don't have to thank me."

"I know. I know but you could have picked any other restaurant but instead picked my favorite one. How could I not."

Kara gave you a smile. Reaching over to take your hand as she gently squeezed it. 

On the other side of the restaurant, James and Lena were on a regular date. James had asked her out soon after what had happened at her apartment and since she wanted to forget about what had happened, Lena had agreed. 

Lena would often come to this restaurant with James, so much that James had thought that it was her favorite restaurant when in fact Lena would only come in hopes to see you. 

After the whole cheating thing, you had become untraceable to Lena. She was a genius but not to the level that she could outsmart a kryptonian. You had purposely up your security on everything to make sure that Lena couldn't hack you and be able to trace you. She had spent weeks on trying to figure it out but it was difficult considering that she didn't know anything about Kryptonian. Lex's notes were thorough but not enough to help her crack your software. 

When she spotted you, she couldn't believe her eyes. James was talking to her but she just ignored him as as she looked to your table. She figured that you were just on a friend date with Kara but her theory was proven wrong when she noticed the way that Kara was looking at you. Without thinking, Lena stood up and walked over to your table.

"Lena! Hey, I haven't seen you in a while."

Kara said with a genuine smile. She had no idea what had happened and had just assumed that your relationship with her had run its course. You never liked to talk about it. 

"Sorry Kara. I've been busy. I was hoping I could talk to (y/n)."

Kara looked down to face you. Noticing how quickly your mood had changed. You still hadn't said a word and Kara just had a hunch that maybe the relationship hadn't ended in good terms.

"She's feeling little sick. Maybe she'll call you late."

"She can answer for herself."

You were still refusing to talk, even turning your face to avoid looking at her.

"I think you should leave, Lena. She obviously doesn't want to talk to you."

"She can answer for herself. You're not her owner."

Kara stood up to stand between you and Lena.

"Leave. I know how much you hate attention and people are already turning around to see what the commotion is."

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