You/Lena Luthor CADMUS Part 2

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Summary: Kara finds you by accident and you meet Lena. 

Prompt by: a_lone_soul 

AN: Not sure if I like how I wrote this. I could redo the part 2 or write a part 3 to further talk about getting in a relationship with Lena. Let me what you think @a_lone_soul

It had been weeks since you learned about Kara's survival and you were desperate to get out. The man kept telling you that he would eventually get out but as the days went by, you kept getting restless as you just laid in your cell without doing anything. 

Two months later and he had fulfilled his promise.

You were laying in bed, thinking of what Kara would be doing at the moment when Jeremiah barged inside your cell. The red lights of your room where turned off and you could feel yourself slowly regaining your powers.

"What's going on? What happened?"

Jeremiah didn't even stop to explain what was happening. As he led you down a series of hallways and doors until he eventually stopped near one of the doors you were never allowed in.

"They kidnapped Kara along with one of her friends. She solar flared and can't use her powers to get out of here. You need to help them."

Your excitement at the thought of finally seeing your sister grew. 

"Wait, you're not coming with us?"

"I can't. I need to stay back and make sure they don't shoot either of you. I trust that you can take care of them."

"You can trust me. I will bring you home again, Jeremiah. I promise you that."

He nodded and then pushed you inside the room, where you found Kara locked in a cell that was similar to yours. 


Kara turned around at the mention of her name. 

"(y/n)? You're alive! I-I thought you hadn't been able to get out."

She spoke in Kryptonian. It had been so long since she had a chance to use it with someone that had been their first language. Clark tried to learn but he just had a terrible accent that she found it hard to understand. 

You smiled at the familiarity of your planet's language. 

"I did, sister. I managed to make it to Earth with you but I had been taken by this man and woman."

You gripped the bars of her cell and ripped  them apart so she could step out. As soon as she did, Kara pulled you into a tight hug. You could barely feel it as she had solar flared and was as any other human but it felt nice to be reunited with her.

"We must go. I'm not sure how much time we have left."

"Wait! My friend. She was knocked out. You have to help her."

You turned to face the second cell that you had somehow missed after your little reunion with Kara. In it, was the most gorgeous woman you had ever seen. Frankly, you hadn't seen a lot of people as you were locked in but one look at her and you had fallen in love. 

You snapped out of your daze and quickly ripped open the bars of her cell as well. After gently picking her up, you followed Kara through the long hallway that led to an exit. Where you found yourself surrounded by another group of men and women in black. 

You took your defensive stance, your eyes glowing red as you looked at them, waiting for them to make the first move. 

"Stand down or we will use force to take you down."

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