You/Lena Luthor

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Summary: You go out for some drinks with Lena

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You and Lena had gone out a few times. A mutual friend had set you up and the two of you instantly clicked. Both you and Lena had similar interests and were practically a match made in heaven.

It wasn't until Lena suggested to go out for some drinks that you realized that maybe your idea of doing something fun was different. You knew she liked staying in and watch a movie but sometimes she enjoyed going out for a few drinks with her friends. Lena insisted it was one of the best bars in town and if you didn't love it then you would suggest your next date.

You dressed up according to the dress code Lena told you and patiently waited for Lena to come pick you up.

"You look gorgeous as ever, darling."

She said as soon as you opened the door. You couldn't help but blush at the compliment and pulled her in for a hug.

"You look gorgeous as well. You always do."

"Thank you and these are for you."

"Thank you. They are very beautiful. I'll go put them in water."

You let her in and made your way over to the kitchen to pull out a vase for them.

"All ready to go."

Lena lead you to her car and made her way over to the bar's valet. She led you inside and into a private section in the back of the bar. You were surprised that you were actually enjoying yourself. The bar had a great atmosphere and the people around you were good company. The drinks were amazing and despite your insistence Lena refused to let you stand up to let you get some refills. You watched her walk away, loving the way she looked in her dress.

"(Y/n)?! Is that really you?"

A voice from behind you caught your attention.

"It's me, Thomas, or well Tom for you."

"Oh right! Tom! How are you? It's so good to see you."

Without being invited into the section, he pushed the security aside and pointed towards you. You felt bad and eventually nodded to let him in.

"I can't believe I've just bumped into you. I've heard you moved into the city a year ago."

He sat way too close to you that you could smell the alcohol in his breath. This was not looking good.

"Yeah. I was given a better opportunity and I'm liking the city. I managed to meet my girlfriend here. You've probably heard of her. Lena Luthor. She'll be back in a few."

You never liked to toss around the fact that the two of you were dating but you figured it might get him to go away.

"Oh yeah. She's pretty hot. I bet the two of you make a hot couple. What I would give to see the two kiss."

You were extremely uncomfortable and Lena was still nowhere to be found. You kept looking around and was then forced to look at him.

"She's not here but I am. Maybe we can go to my place and have some fun. Invite her as well. She can join us."

His lips were really close to yours that you couldn't escape the smell of alcohol. All of the sudden you felt him grip your chin and force you into a kiss. He was much stronger than you and as much as you tried, he held his grip on you.

Next thing you know, you feel something wet on dripping from him and glass shattering. His grip finally loosens and you're able to jump far away from him.

"Did no one ever tell you that it wasn't polite to flirt with someone who is taken?"

He can't reply as she slams the other glass on his head. You could see the blood pouring out of the wounds but that doesn't deter Lena. Everyone is too shocked to see the CEO like this that they can't move. She grabs his arm and twists it behind him, slamming him down on the nearest table. He cries out in pain and that snaps the security out of their trance. They pull the two of then away and drag him out of the club. Lena brushes their attempts to deal with her wounds as she walks over to you. Your worried about any cuts and bruises that she might have so you try to check her for any but she brushes you off as hell. She cups both of your cheeks and pull you in for a deep and rough kiss. It was one of the hottest kiss she's ever given you that you led her out of the bar and into her car.

The rest of the night, the two of you go at it for a long time. You're sore as hell and your body is littered with marks and bruises in the morning. Lena tries to hide her grin when she heard you complain about it all but you can tell she's proud of herself. You sport a similar look when you see the marks you left her. The two of you know that you won't be able to get out without wearing things to cover them all up. Makeup was just not going to work this time.

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